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Afghan Hound – Dog Breeds Guide

Breed summary

Size: Large
Weight: 50 to 64 pounds
Height: 27 to 29 inches
Longevity: 14
Bark Tendency: Low
Aggression: Low
Compatibility to other pets: High

Adopt an Afghan Hound, Dog Breeds Guide


When you adopt an Afghan hound, you get a dog that is famous worldwide for its aristocratic appeal and regal allure! The Afghan Hound is a breed that is oozing with aristocracy and dignified beauty. They are known for being one of the flashiest and super posh dogs ever, making this dog on the list of top show-dog breeds. But beauty and class are not the only things that the Afghan Hound is famous for, they were bred to be prized hunters on rugged terrain!

Official Name

Afghan Hound


Date – Ancient times
Country – Afghanistan
Family / Group: Sight Hound, Hound, Southern


If you decide to adopt an afghan hound, you’ll be bringing home a dog that is considered to be one of the most ancient breeds there is. So ancient that there is an urban legend that Afghan Hounds are the dog that Noah took on his Ark. This breed was also mentioned in ancient Egyptian papyrus! Plus, there are cave drawings of the Afghan Hound found in Northern Afghanistan that dates back 4000 years old! They were bred to hunt down large game animals such as gazelles and even leopards. Flashy as their coats and stance is, the Afghan Hound was developed to do their hunting in the rugged terrains of Afghanistan’s wilderness. Today they are popularly known for being competitive and super glamorous show-dogs and have earned a reputation as the supermodel of the dog world.


It is really easy to adopt an Afghan Hound for their luxurious aura. They may seem confident, but these dogs are considered shy towards strangers. At home, this beautiful creature can be easier going. They have been known to be humorous, relaxed and very affectionate with her owners and co-pets as well.

Bred For

The first Afghan hounds were bred to be hunters, herders and also as watchdogs. Today they are groomed as luxurious pets and this breed is considered among the top show-dog breed competitors.


The Afghan hound is not exactly an apartment type of dog. Inside the house, Afghans are often inactive.


The Afghan Hound is a demanding dog breed when it comes to grooming. This is a dog that should be groomed every day.


When training an Afghan Hound, train with a gentle hand. It is advised to get an experienced dog trainer who knows how to be gentle during training sessions.


If you opt to adopt an Afghan hound because of their gracefulness, excellent agility, speed and movement, it is because of their unique hip structure. This uniqueness is also the reason Afghan Hounds are prone to hip dysplasia. There are also incidents of death due to respiratory paralysis (Necrotic myelopathy). Important: This breed is sensitive to tranquilizers, cortisone and anesthesia! Common ailments: Elbow and Hip dysplasia, Ear mites, Yeast Problems, Hypothyroidism, High sensitivity to chemical preparations such as anesthesia, cortisone.


Get ready for daily long walks or jogging sessions when you adopt an afghan hound. This breed needs to stretch her legs every day! Their ability to leap great heights makes it important to keep them on a leash while out in public!



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