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African Lion Hound – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Large
Weight: 65 to 90 pounds
Height: 24 to 27 inches
Longevity: 12
Bark Tendency: Medium
Aggression: Medium
Compatibility to other pets: Medium

Adopt an African Lion Hound, Dog Breed Guide


The African Lion Hound breed got its name for its impressive capability to hunt and go against the African Lion! Today, the African Lion Hound is still an efficient hunting dog but it is not as ferocious as the breed’s name suggests.

Official Name

African Lion Hound


Date – No precise date recorded
Country – Zimbabwe and regions of Southern African
Family / Group: Sight Hound, Hound, Southern


The African Lion Hound is a dog breed that originates from the southern regions of the African continent. These are the areas now known as modern-day Zimbabwe and South Africa. African Lion Hounds are the direct descendants of the native dogs which were used by the indigenous tribes of Southern Africa. European settlers were so impressed with these indigenous dogs’ versatility as an all-purpose working dog that they opted to develop and refine the local breed instead of importing European working dog breeds that they were accustomed to using in Europe. African Lion Hounds are dogs jot just for hunting lions; they are very versatile and serve various purposes in equal efficiency. These tasks include herding, guarding hunting.


African Lion Hounds have excessive levels when it comes to prey drive. These are dogs that should not be trusted around small animals. They are hound dogs that will be tough to train and will often display their independent nature. African Lion Hounds are very intelligent by nature and known to be laid back and even-tempered towards family and friends.

Bred For

African Lion Hounds were bred to work as hunting dogs that can also be used as a retriever. They are also used originally as guard dogs that protect property and dependable to watch over children.


An African Lion Hound dog that is sufficiently exercised and well trained should be okay to keep as an apartment pet. These dogs will thrive in homes that have a large yard.


African Lion Hounds have shorthaired coats that will be easy to groom and do not require lots of time to do so. They are dogs that shed hair in the average amount.


The African Lion Hound breed is capable of learning quickly as they are highly intelligent. Training can get difficult as these are dogs known to be willful and can get very stubborn. If this is the case, a gentle but firm training method should be done.


The hardy African Lion Hound dog breed is fit and healthy enough to withstand dramatic weather changed and climate extremes. They are known to be prone to dermoid sinus, hip dysplasia and also susceptible to develop cysts. Mast cell tumors are also common to this breed.


African Lion Hounds are tireless and possess impressive stamina. They require an owner who can keep up with them and should be taken on long and brisk walks every day. Jogging is preferred. These dogs should also be given ample time to run.



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