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Africanis Dog – Dog Breeds Guide

Breed summary

Size: Medium
Weight: 50 to 65 pounds
Height: 28 inches in average
Longevity: 12
Bark Tendency: Low
Aggression: Low
Compatibility to other pets: High


The Africanis dog is a breed that is indigenous to the African continent, the Africanis or African Dog is “THE” hunting dogs of Africa. They possess unbelievable stamina which topped by this breed’s superior intelligence. Loyal and courageous by nature, the African Dog breed is playful and highly social, making them great companions for the entire family.

At first glance, the Africanis lean body looks like those ancient dogs featured on Egyptian Hieroglyphic, but don’t think that they are weak and skinny. Africanis dogs are well-muscled medium-sized dogs that are built for agility and great speed. They are ancient in origin, tracing its roots from African sight and pariah dogs.

Official Name

Africanis Dog


Date – Ancient Times
Country – Southern Africa
Family / Group – Working, Hunting Dogs, Pariah,


Tracing the origin of the Africanis is taking a journey as far back as the time when humans first domesticated animals. These African hunting dogs have gone a long way and proved themselves as the canine masters of evolution in the African continent for their strong will to survive and endure.

But before its long-deserved recognition as a breed, the ancient Africanis nearly fell to the mongrel stigma. With the help of the Africanis Society of Southern Africa, spearheaded by then-president Johan Gallant, these dogs proved that they are unique, showing distinctive behavior and consistent appearance. It was Mr. Gallant who termed the Africanis name, putting together Canis which means dog and the name of the African continent. Today, the Africanis breed is descendants of the ancient Egyptian dogs the likes of the Saluki. Although considered as indigenous to the continent, the Africanis were brought by migrating settlers and merchants seeking a trade to the various indigenous tribes of Africa. Ironically, for a breed which roots can be found as far back as the ancient times, The Africanis is considered to be an emerging breed.


Africanis are traditionally hunting dogs, but they also show impressive traits as family dogs. These agile and intelligent ancient African breeds are mild-mannered and know for having an amiable disposition. They are sometimes territorial, but respect boundaries and not obtrusive when it comes to other territories. These enduring dogs are very independent and for a dog breed which was long considered feral or a mongrel, the Africanis are impressively trainable.

Bred For

Hunting all types and sizes of the game in the African Terrain.


Africanis dogs need spacious land to be happy and content. Apartments are not a suitable living environment for this indigenous hunting dog breed.


The Africanis Dog rarely needs grooming.


Impressive pick-up skills and moderate effort is required to have the Africanis fully trained


The Africanis has proven itself as survivors of the natural process. Evolution made this breed one of the healthiest dog breeds in the world. They are free from congenital defects common to purebreds of today. The Africanis also have a well developed immune system, resilient to internal and external parasites.


They demand a rigorous and active lifestyle; the Africanis are naturally high energy and will require their owners to spend a lot of time to help them satisfy that urge to be moved.



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