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Akbash Dog – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Large
Weight: Males: 90 - 140 pounds; Females: 75 - 105 pounds
Height: Males: 28 - 32 inches; Females: 27 - 30 inches
Longevity: 11
Bark Tendency: Low
Aggression: Low
Compatibility to other pets: High


The Akbash Dog is one of the most protective breeds in the dog world but on the other hand, they are very playful. Considering that, through many generations, they were trained to be natural guardians for their human companions and to protect their properties. Akbash Dogs are known to go against wolves and other predators as well as be gentle herders for sheep and other livestock.

They represent a mixture of two breeds: Mastiff and Gazehound, which is why they have long legs, deep chest and a great impression of power.

Official Name

Akbash Dog


Date – Ancient Times
Country -Turkey
Family / Group – Flock Guardian


Also called the Coban Kopegi and the Akbas, the Akbash Dog was introduced to North America in the early 1970s. The breed got its name from the Turkish word Akbaş which literally means “white head” because of their white fur. These dogs represent one of the rarest and oldest breeds in the world, dating as far back as 3,000 years old.

The essential characteristics of the Akbash Dog are those that enable it to perform successfully as a livestock guardian. The Akbash is a probable relative of the other great white herd breeds like Komondor, Kuvasz, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, etc.


If you are looking for a loyal, gentle and playful companion, then Akbash is a perfect breed for you. They are also known for their independence but can be very protective of their territory which may cause a problem with other pets. Nevertheless, if they are properly trained, there shouldn’t be a problem, therefore they are perfect as a family pet and home guardian.

Bred For

Guarding livestock and chasing predators away


The Akbash Dog is a farmworker type of dog, therefore helping with chores and leading makes them happy.


The Akbash Dogs are known to be big dogs that shed heavily, therefore they need to be brushed weekly to get rid of dead hair and keep the coat healthy and white. Bathing is also recommended, but not on a weekly basis.


Highly trainable and very intelligent


The Akbash Dog is generally very healthy and can live a full life span of 10 to 11 years without any major health problems. Taking into consideration its size and lifestyle, this breed, like most large breeds and working dogs, can be affected by hip dysplasia, OCD and joint condition. Unlike many other breeds, they can become very close to their owners and display a range of emotions.


Because of its nature and guardian instincts, Akbash Dog is a relatively low energy breed because they spend most of their time lying around and protecting the herd, but their low energy shouldn’t fool you! People say that Akbash is always ‘sleeping with an eye open’ and they are always on duty and ready to protect their territory.



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