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Alano Espanol – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Medium to Large
Weight: 75 to 89 pounds
Height: 23 to 25 inches
Longevity: 14
Bark Tendency: Medium
Aggression: Medium
Compatibility to other pets: Medium


The Alano Espanol or commonly known outside Spain as the Spanish Alano is a large dog breed. This breed was bred and developed by the Spaniards to handle wild cattle, hunt big game animals, guard and defend territories, bullfighting as well as for war. All these made the Alano Espanol one very tough breed.  The Alano Espanol might not win you with his primitive looks and alarming breeding development, but they are more than just large cattle handlers.

Official Name

Alano Espanol in Spanish or Spanish Bulldog in English
Other Name: Spanish Alano


Date – Ancient times
Country – Spain
Family / Group – Mastiff


The Alano Espanol is on top of the list of very ancient dog breeds. Member of the molosser breeds, the Spanish Bulldog’s roots can be traced as far back as 400 AD. They were developed originally for cattle handling, hunting, guarding and even pitted against bulls. Today, they are still used for cattle work and have proven to be a hardworking dog that is obedient, well balanced and very dependable.


They were bred to be a well balanced breed. The Spanish Bulldog is a hardworking dog which is also  a perfect helper.  The Alano Espanol are also affectionate dogs to their families and surprisingly patient and well behaved around children. Alano Espanol dogs are also one of two molosser breeds which do not drool, slobber nor snore!

Bred For

Alano Espanol or the Spanish Alano dog breed was created to be big game hunting dogs that can also be used for cattle herding as well as bull fighting.


Alano Espanol or the Spanish Alano  dog breed is not an indoor dog! The Spanish Bulldog is a great working dog which requires large open spaces. It can stand both hot and cold temperatures.


Alano Espanol or the Spanish Alano dogs require minimal grooming. Bathe only when necessary to avoid removal of natural oils which helps protect this dog while outdoors.


Tough to housebreak. Best to have them as outdoor pets.


The Alano Espanol was bred to stand working under rough conditions. This only the fit would survive breeding style has made the Spanish Bulldog a very healthy breed that is resilient and not prone to major illnesses. If injured or afflicted by viruses, this breed shows outstanding recovery time.


Ideally used for farming and livestock, but if you choose to adopt an Alano Espanol  for a pet, be sure to give them a lot of daily exercises,  which means three walks a day in wide open spaces.



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