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American Bandogge Mastiff – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Giant
Weight: 85 -140 pounds
Height: 25 - 29 inches
Longevity: 10
Bark Tendency: Low
Aggression: Medium to High
Compatibility to other pets: Medium

Adopt an American Bandogge Mastiff, Dog Breed Guide


The American Bandogge Mastiff, a giant dog that is famous for being prominently muscled and impressively athletic and agile. This breed got its name from England. Bandog is the generic termed used by the Saxons to describe any bulldog-type Mastiff. It comes from the word Banda, Saxon for a chain, which is often used to train these giant dog breeds.

Official Name

American Bandogge Mastiff


Date – 1960’s
Country- United States of America
Family / Group – Mastiff, Protection Dogs


During the 1960s, breeding programs started to produce the ultimate protection dogs. Different breeders used different methods to produce this goal. All of which are considered as Bandogges or alternate names such as MastiBulls and American Masti-Bull. There are disagreements on the precise lines needed to create the American Bandogge Mastiff, but breeders agreed on a general comprise of 50% American Pit Bull Terrier and 50% from any variant of a Large Molosser. But the most common crosses used is that of the APBT’s and the Neopolitan Mastiff


If you are a new dog owner, the Bandogge isn’t really the first choice to have. They need owners who are experienced and understand the natural canine instincts to establish proper communication. Owners should establish the pack leader status early, the American Bandogge Mastiff is still a mastiff and they require owners who are capable of dominating them. But they are extremely intelligent and show very docile behaviors with owners who understand them.

Bred For

Developed as a top protection dog type who will guard their families and homes.


First and foremost, these dogs are not suitable for life inside a kennel. With sufficient activity and regular exercise sessions, the American Bandogge Mastiff can be pets in apartment and condo types of living areas. Indoors, these giant protection dogs will not be as active as they are when out in the field. A small yard for these dogs to move around is the ideal home setting. They are dogs that adore being around their owners.


The American Bandogge Mastiff are large dogs that don’t shed much. These are dog types that are known to shed hair in average amounts. They are one of the best dog breeds to choose if you are looking for pets that are easy to groom. Using a rubber brush to remove dead or loose hair is all you need to keep them sufficiently groomed.


There are no major problems with the American Bandogge Mastiff’s health, considering that it is not a purebred. Like most of the big mastiff dog breeds, they are prone to hip and joint problems


American Bandogge Mastiff is giant dogs, this breed needs a great deal of exercise.



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