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American Blue Lacy – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Medium
Weight: 30 to 45 pounds
Height: 17 to 21 inches
Longevity: 16
Bark Tendency: High
Aggression: Low
Compatibility to other pets: High

Adopt an American Blue Lacy, Dog Breed Guide


Only a few of our canine buddies can proudly say that they are a National Icon. The American Blue Lacy can and they have their own Senate Resolution to prove it. Officially designated by the 79th Legislature of the State of Texas through Senate Resolution 108, Blue Lacy is the lone star’s official State Dog Breed. These herding and hunting dogs thrived in the Southwest as excellent farmhands and ranch workers. Stories of their impressive herding abilities are legendary. It is said the one Lacy dog can do the work of five cowboys, which is actually not hard to imagine. They are intelligent, fast, energetic, obedient and eager to get their paws dirty from hard work.

Official Name

American Blue Lacy
The American Blue Lacy is also called the Lacy Dog, Lacy Hog Dog, Blue Lacy Game Dog, Texas Blue Lacy Game Dog and officially, the Texas State Dog.


Date – 1858
Country – Texas
Family / Group – Herding, Hunting


The official Texas State Dog arrived out west during the middle 1850s, brought by the Lacy brothers which were this breed got their name. The Blue in their name is due to their distinctive blue gene, a true mark of the breed. All American Blue Lacy dogs are blue in color. The Lacy brothers bred them to help track down and trap wild boars which these dogs are excellent. Their impressive team player qualities made them super pack hunters, cooperating with the entire pack and quickly herding and cornering their prey.

Today, the Blue Lacy dog breed is splitting into two variants, one bred solely for gaming and working traits. The other variant is being bred as companion dogs, mixing some new blood to the breed.


The American Blue Lacy dog breed has an iconic reputation in the State of Texas. They proudly named these dogs as their official dog because of their hardworking nature. These are dogs that will show readiness to execute all kinds of tasks and will demonstrate versatility. But they are also calm and gentle when kids are with them. The ABL also stands out in a number of agility and coursing events. They are famous to be great in tracking as well as in trapping. This Texas local dog breed is used today in various ways including in search and rescue as well as scent tracking for law enforcement. At present, these dogs are extensively used as family pets and in skills competitions.

Bred For

Developed to be an all-around working dog breed for ranchers and cowboys, they are hunters, trappers and trackers by nature. Today, the Blue Lacy is used as a search and rescue K9 units as well as different dog skills competitions.


Lacys are all-around dogs who will adapt to most living conditions available. Perfectly suited as house dogs, but it will not thrive as outdoor pets on account of their think skin and very light coating.


The American Blue Lacy’s famous blue gene makes this breed shed very little and require very low grooming maintenance.


Highly intelligent, the Lacy Dog can be quickly trained to perform many tasks. But like most dog breeds, training should start early to establish clear rules and leadership roles.


Generally healthy but can acquire serious immune system-related problems from vaccinations. Their blue genes made the Texas Blue sensitive, so over-vaccination should not be done.


The American Blue Lacy is type of dog that requires plenty of exercises, they are after all-natural working dogs. They are also one of the top choices when it comes to dog breeds that do best in farms and ranches as well as in hunting expeditions. If not used as a farm dog or as a hunter, American Blue Lacy should be taken on a daily walk. Walking sessions should be done in a brisk manner.



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