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American Kyi Apso Dog – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Large
Weight: Males: 88 - 100 pounds; Females: 83 - 95 pounds
Height: Males: 24 - 28 inches; Females: 23 - 28 inches
Longevity: 14
Bark Tendency: Medium to High
Aggression: Medium to High
Compatibility to other pets: Low


The American Kyi Apso is the new line of the original Tibetan Kyi Apso dog breed used by nomadic tribes in Tibet as the first line of defense against strangers, intruders and predatory animals. The American line of this breed is larger than the ones bred in Tibet.

Official Name

American Kyi Apso


Date – No Precise Date Recorded
Country – United States of America
Family / Group – Working, Flock Guardian

Recognized By:

American Rare Breed Association


The American Kyi Apso is a very ancient dog breed that originates in Tibet’s western High Plateau region that is near Mt. Kailash. It is considered as an ancient dog breed used by the Changtang people for several hundreds of years. This large Tibetan dog breed was created for guarding and protecting sheep herds, goats as well as yaks. In conclusion, this breed was not developed for their appearance but was bred to produce a very functional and efficient livestock guardian.

Today, the American Kyi Apso is very rare outside of Tibet. In other words, there are only 65 American Kyi Apso dogs known around the world and nine of these dogs are from North America.


Firstly, the American Kyi Apso is a very athletic and hardworking guardian dog. However, these are good-natured dogs that sometimes can be considered as laid back. Consequently, it is said that the American Kyi Apso dogs are more cat-like because of their aloofness to people in general.

Secondly, these dogs are naturally very protective of their owners and territory.

In conclusion, the American Kyi Apso dogs are very intelligent and charming dogs always ready to play and fool around.

Bred For

The American Kyi Apso was bred by the Changtang people who used it as a herd guardian in Tibet’s High Plateau region.


The American Kyi Apso is a very big and lively dog breed. Consequently, these dogs are not suitable for city people or people with small apartments. On the other hand, they are mountain dogs that need to have a regular job to keep them busy and healthy. Nonetheless, If kept in rural areas, these dogs will require a home that has a large and well-fenced yard.


The American Kyi Apso has an all-weather double coat that should be trimmed once or twice a week since it sheds constantly but in very little amounts. However, they shed heavily after the winter.


The American Kyi Apso is a very intelligent breed but can sometimes be stubborn. As for any dog, early age training and socialization will help them be more friendly as adults.


The American Kyi Apso is an ancient breed that was isolated and didn’t interbreed. In other words, this breed is not affected by major genetic diseases. However, these dogs might suffer from other illnesses affecting large breeds, like hip and elbow dysplasia, bloating, etc.


The American Kyi Apsoes are very active dogs with a high energy level. Hence, these dogs are enjoying regular jobs and high-intensity activities. If not used as a working dog, long and brisk walks every day will help them stay healthy and active. Likewise, they should have sufficient time to play, run freely and have a good romp in wide-open spaced.