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Barak – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Medium
Weight: 16 to 24 kilograms or 35 to 53 lbs
Height: 46 to 55 centimeters or 18 to 22 inches
Longevity: 14
Bark Tendency: Low
Aggression: Low
Compatibility to other pets: High

Adopt a Barak, Dog Breed Guide your pets come first paw iconOfficial Name
Other Name
Bosanski Ostrodlaki Gonic Barak
Bosnian Barak your pets come first paw iconOrigin
Date – Sometime During the 1890’s
Country – Bosnia
Family / Group
Scent Hound
Hound your pets come first paw iconRecognized By
United Kennel Club your pets come first paw iconHistory
The Barak dog breed originates from Bosnia and believed to be first developed sometime during the 1890’s. This Bosnian scent hound breed’s official name is Bosanski Ostrodlaki Gonic Barak which is roughly translated in English as the Bosnian Coarse-haired Hound dog. They were bred to be hunters of large game. Barak dogs are the product of local Bosnian dogs that were crossed with the Italian gun dog breeds. Some dog experts believe that lineages of the Croat bred Istrian Short-haired hounds were put into the mix. Barak’s are very common in Bosnia but is considered very rare outside their native country. your pets come first paw iconPersonality
Bosnian breeders prize the Barak dog breed for their impressive hunting skills and courage when out on the field. These are lively dogs that are muscular and full of power. Their solid frame makes it a hardy hunting dog that will be tough and persistent hunters in all type of terrain against all type of game. The Barak has a deep bark that is considered to be sonorous. These are dogs that will display their playful side when around children and known to get along with other dogs within the family. This Bosnian hunting breed will be a well-tempered, behaved and gentle family pet. your pets come first paw iconBred For
The Barak dog breed was originally bred to be hunting dogs for all types of terrain and all types of game. These dogs were also used as reliable watchdogs. your pets come first paw iconEnvironment
Baraks are dogs that are not for the city and not recommended to live in apartment buildings. They are country dogs created to work in rural areas. your pets come first paw iconGrooming
The Barak is one of the few hunting dog breed that will need above average grooming attention. Weekly brushing of their coat should be done. your pets come first paw iconTraining
This Bosnian hound breed will not be easy to train as they are known to be persistent dogs that can be stubborn. It is recommended to train these dogs using firm and consistent methods. your pets come first paw iconHealth
The Barak dog breed has no alarming health problems that are known to appear, develop or genetically acquired by other dog breed in their size group and category. your pets come first paw iconExercise
The Barak are very energetic and requires having plenty of activities to burn their high every levels. Taking them for long walks or jogging every day isn’t enough; these dogs require challenging and vigorous activities and recommended to be given a regular task of job to do.