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Barbet – Dog Breeds Guide

Breed summary

Size: Medium
Weight: 35 to 45 pounds
Height: 19.5 inches to 23.5 inches
Longevity: 0
Bark Tendency: Medium
Aggression: Medium
Compatibility to other pets: High

Adopt a Barbet, Dog Breed Guide


Adopt a Barbet Dog? Barbet dogs is the French all around dog, from commoners to nobles, this wool-like coated aquatic hunters can and will attract your attention and affection. The French aristocrats as trendsetters made them the popular choice of the European nobility when it comes to hunting. They were also bred for hunting and flocking, but their most popular usage is at sea. This sea worthy canines is the seaman’s best friend for their abilities to retrieve and perform various tasks while at sea!

Official Name

Other Name – French Water Dog, Griffon d’ Arret a Poil Laineux, Barbetter (female)


Date – 14th century / Country: France
Family / Group: Gun Dogs

Recognized By

United Kennel Club


Named for its beard, The Barbet can trace their origin from many popular breeds including the Poodle, Newfoundland, and the various griffons. They are centuries old, with their progenitors dating to the 14th century. This French Water Dog was developed for various roles, from hunters to flocking, as well as being sailor dogs. Sailors used them to fetch lost items and retrieve dropped lines at sea. Before the French Revolution, they were the choice hunting companions for the French aristocrats.


Barbets are exceptionally social and fun-loving dogs that are very passionate for water activities. They are friendly toward almost everyone, including children and other animals. The Barbet possesses a high level of intelligence which makes them very easy to train.

Bred For

A variety of roles are


One of the many impressive traits of the Barbet is their adaptability to live in all sorts of living conditions. Provided that they are sufficiently exercised and given a lot of attention, which they require to be regularly done.


The Barbet’s grooming needs is can be very demanding. They are dogs that heavily shed.


This French dog breed is highly trainable for their naturally high level of intelligence.


The developers of the Barbet made a dog breed that are very healthy. So healthy that there are no health conditions or ailments known to these breed


The Barbet is a very active dog breed and need sufficient regular exercise to be well behaved dogs. Long daily walks should be done and aquatic activities are recommended.