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Do Khyi – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Giant
Weight: 121 to 198 pounds
Height: 25 to 33 inches
Longevity: 15
Bark Tendency: High
Aggression: Low
Compatibility to other pets: Medium


The Do Khyi breed is the biggest of all the native Tibetan dog breeds which include the Sim Khyi or Tibetan Spaniel, the Trsang Apso, or Dokhi Apso which the Tibetan Terrier, and the more popular Lhasa Apso.

Do Khyi dogs are very large. But, don’t let their size fool you! These dogs are very friendly and good-natured dogs with a long and thick coat.

Official Name

Do Khyi


Date – as early as 1100 BC
Country – Tibet
Family / Group – Mastiff


Do Khyis are dogs considered to be one of the most ancient mastiff breeds still in existence today. They are guardian dogs that were initially bred in China but flourished in Tibet. Tibetan villages found these large dogs very useful in guarding and protecting their livestock, land, and homes. In addition, some dog experts believe that all modern mastiff breeds are linked, rooted, and directly descended from these mastiffs from Tibet. In the year 1847, the first Do Khyi dog reached British shores when Queen Victoria received one as a gift.


They may be large and powerful dogs that are armed with a deep booming bark, but the Do Khyis are dogs known to be reserved. Also, these large dogs may be hard to imagine as cat-like, but they actually are. These dominant dogs are often stubborn and very independent. In addition, Do Khyis are guard dogs that will be very protective of their territory, livestock, and family.

Bred For

Do Khyis are ancient dogs that were used to guard livestock, property, and their family. Although not recommended to use as a full-time livestock guardian, these dogs will be violent towards intruders. And they will be brave and strong enough to go head to head against wolves, leopards, and other large animals.


They can adapt to apartment life even if they are massive in size. However, in that case, these dogs should be properly trained to be a well-behaved apartment dog.


Do Khyis require regular grooming that is easy and not that complicated, just time-consuming. They are dogs that shed heavily once a year. Therefore, they are not for people with allergies.


Do Khyi can be easily housebreak trained provided that their trainers are experienced in teaching large and dominant dogs like these mastiffs. In other words, it is not advised for new dog owners to train these dogs themselves.

Also, as for any dog breed, early age socialization and training are very important in maintaining their health.


There are a lot of medical issues that can affect the Do Khyi. From ear infections, skin conditions, thyroid problems, to hip dysplasia. In addition, these large dogs are prone to acquire fatal genetic disorders known as the Canine Inherited Demyelinative Neuropathy.


The Do Khyi is a large dog breed that should have every day walks. They are moderately active and slow romantic walks can do them good. To sum up, these dogs are perfect for people who don’t like running all the time and will be perfect for elders.



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