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East-European Shepherd – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Medium to Large
Weight: Males: 77 - 132 pounds; Females: 66 - 110 pounds
Height: Males: 26 - 30 inches; Females: 24 - 28 inches
Longevity: 12
Bark Tendency: Medium
Aggression: Low
Compatibility to other pets: High


The East-European Shepherd dog breed is a product of the Cold War. This particular breed was developed by the Soviets before World War II. However, it was developed during the Soviet Expansion in Eastern Europe.

The East-European Shepherd is an intelligent and confident dog that tends to be very close to its owner and its family. Therefore, they are perfect companion dogs.

In addition, they are short-haired dogs wearing a black and brown coat.

Official Name

East-European Shepherd


Date – 1930
Country – The Former Soviet Union
Family / Group – Herding, Working


The East-European Shepherd is one of many European dog breeds that were developed by the former Soviet Union or USSR. This dog breed was first developed in 1930 to specifically adapt to work in the various terrain and climate conditions of the Eastern European states. They are primarily used by the Soviet Army but were also used by different departments of the USSR. In addition, the East-European Shepherd dog was bred from the German shepherd dog that was crossed with various local dogs native to the different nations of Eastern Europe. However, today, this particular breed is commonly seen in the new Russian Federation and not in the East European countries where it was first developed.


Like most Soviet dog breeds, the East-European Shepherd breed is impressively loyal and intelligent. With a confident attitude, this is a dog that will be suspicious of strangers. Therefore, it will be great to have it as a guard dog. Also, they are very protective of their owners and territory and will defend it at all costs. They are natural workers and will thrive if given regular jobs.

Bred For

East-European Shepherds are dogs created by the former Soviet Union to specifically adapt as efficient working dogs on various terrain and climates conditions that are experienced in Eastern Europe.


East-European Shepherds are not dogs for the city. Also, they are not good apartment pets. But some can adapt to this type of living condition if sufficiently exercised. This breed is a rural and suburban working dog that should have a regular task. In addition, they are outdoors dogs that can withstand cold climates.


East-European Shepherd is a breed that does not require grooming attention as they are outdoor working dogs. However, brushing them once a week will keep their coat healthy and remove all the dead hair.


East-European Shepherd is a very intelligent and obedient dog breed. Therefore, these dogs are highly trainable dogs. In addition, they will be happy to make your every wish come true because of their obedient trait.

However, as for any dog breed, early training and socialization will help them become healthy and happy grown-up dogs.


East-European Shepherd is resilient to alarming medical issues and doesn’t suffer from any genetic disorder such as hip or elbow dysplasia.


These dogs are natural working dogs that have the activity level to work on severe Easter-European terrain and climate conditions. Therefore, they should have plenty of exercises every day. For instance, jogging and running are good examples of how to tire up your dog. In addition, giving them regular work as guard dogs or watchdogs will keep them very happy. In conclusion, if you are not ready to be active around this dog, then this may not be a perfect match for you! On the other hand, if you love running or bike riding, this dod will be your perfect companion.



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