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Field Spaniel – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Medium
Weight: 35 to 50 pounds
Height: average 18 inches
Longevity: 12
Bark Tendency: High
Aggression: Low
Compatibility to other pets: High

Adopt a Field Spaniel, Dog Breed Guide your pets come first paw iconOfficial Name
Field Spaniel your pets come first paw iconOrigin
Date – 19th Century
Country – Great Britain
Family / Group – Gun Dog, Sporting your pets come first paw iconRecognized By
Continental Kennel Club
Fédération Cynologique Internationale
United Kennel Club
Kennel Club of Great Britain
Canadian Kennel Club
Australian National Kennel Club
National Kennel Club
New Zealand Kennel Club
American Pet Registry, Inc.
American Canine Registry
Dog Registry of America, Inc.
North American Purebred Registry, Inc. your pets come first paw iconHistory
During the nineteenth century, the Field Spaniel was developed together with the Cocker Spaniel in England. The Fields were the larger in these litters. For several years during its initial development stage, Field Spaniels suffered and has been affected by poor breeding conditions. Fortunately, fans of the dog breed decided to re-focus the development, focusing to maintain the breed’s effectiveness as field hunters. Today, they are considered to be one of the rarest dog breeds. Their population decrease is mainly brought by the popularity of their kin’s the Cocker Spaniels. The breed was first imported to the United States in the late nineteenth century but never became popular. your pets come first paw iconPersonality
Field Spaniels are sturdy, medium-size dogs that are known to be very vocal. But they are also fun-loving and lively and very athletic in the water. your pets come first paw iconBred For
Impressive talents in tracking, hunting, retrieving and watchdog. your pets come first paw iconEnvironment
The Field Spaniel is not a dog that suits apartment living conditions. Their hunting roots require homeowners to have their yard suitable fenced. Cool climates suit the Field Spaniel dog breed. your pets come first paw iconGrooming
The Field Spaniel a bit of grooming maintenance. Brushing and combing should be done at least once a week but preferably twice a week. Cleaning their ears should be done regularly. your pets come first paw iconTraining
These dogs are quick to learn and react very strongly to their owner’s voice. They are sensitive so training should be done with a kind but consistent approach. your pets come first paw iconHealth
Medical issues including hip dysplasia, ectropion, entropion, PRA, subaortic stenosis, thyroid disease, and ear infections are the common illnesses affecting this dog breed. your pets come first paw iconExercise
The Field Spaniel is primarily a working field dog. Therefore lots of exercises are required. Taking these dogs on daily long walks is highly recommended.