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Florida Cracker Cur – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Small to Medium
Weight: Varies from the different breeds
Height: Varies from the different breeds
Longevity: 14
Bark Tendency: Low to Medium
Aggression: Low to Medium
Compatibility to other pets: Low to Medium


The Florida Cracker Cur is a different cur breed from the Florida Black Mouth Cur which is the official State Dog of Florida. The difference is Florida Cracker Curs do not have black muzzles seen on all the Black Mouth Cur dogs.

The Florida Cracker Cur is a submassive and easygoing dog. These dogs are natural hunters and are not afraid to confront large predators. These all-purpose rural dogs are full of courage and tenacity when out doing their tasks.


Official Name

Florida Cracker Cur


Date – 15th century
Country – United States
Family / Group – Working

Recognized By

American Canine Registry
Continental Kennel Club
Dog Registry of America, Inc.
National Kennel Club
United Kennel Club
America’s Pet Registry, Inc.


Florida Cracker Cur is a dog breed bred in Florida as a pure working dog. It has been used by cowboys. This cur is one of the oldest among the entire known cur breeds, dating back in the 1500s when it was first brought to Florida by Hernando de Soto. They were specifically bred to round cattle, cowboy style!

Bred For

Florida Cracker Curs were bred in Florida to be a cowboy’s dog, herding cattle while side-by-side with cowboys on the horseback.


Florida Cracker Curs are not recommended to have as apartment pets. However, some do adapt to this type of living conditions but require a lot of training. They are natural working dogs that will enjoy rural areas especially if they are given a regular job.


Florida Cracker Curs are very easy to groom and require little attention as they are naturally clean and most are covered with short-haired coats. In general, Curs are very low maintenance when it comes to grooming needs. Therefore, brushing them once or twice a week will keep their coat healthy and shiny.


Florida Cracker Cur dogs are working dogs that will be hard to train in obedience and housebreaking. They are natural working dogs that love to work and perform hard tasks.

However, it will be good for them to have early age training and socialization. As a result, they can be softened and taught how to behave around other pets and children.


Florida Cracker Curs are very healthy with no known genetic anomalies, deformities or tendencies to affect them. However, some are known to have minor eye issues and the common hip dysplasia.


Florida Cracker Curs are dogs that are very active and addictive to hard work. Therefore, these dogs should have a regular farm job that will naturally satisfy their high activity requirements. When not working, they should go long walks and running every day. In conclusion, if you are looking for a perfect companion dog that will follow you around throughout your day, this breed is a perfect match for you!