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Himalayan Sheepdog – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Medium
Weight: Males: 62 - 84 pounds; Females: 62 - 84 pounds
Height: Males: 26 - 32 inches; Females: 26 - 32 inches
Longevity: 14
Bark Tendency: Medium
Aggression: Medium
Compatibility to other pets: Medium



The Himalayan Sheepdog is a very active and energetic dog breed that originates from Nepal and India. Also, they make great companion dogs and can be very loyal and affectionate.

However, they can take their role as protectors very seriously and become aggressive. Because of that, early age socialization and training are very important!



Official Name

Himalayan Sheepdog
Other Names:
Himalayan Shepherd
Himalayan Shepherd Dog
Bhote Kukur


Date – Ancient Times
Country – The Himalayas regions of Nepal and Northern India
Family / Group – Flock Guardian, Working, Mastiff


The Himalayan Sheepdog originates in regions of the Himalayas that cover modern-day Nepal and Northern India. It is an ancient dog breed that has a rich cultural heritage in its native region. Therefore, the local tribesmen of Nepal and Northern India bred and used these sheepdogs primarily as herding and guardian dogs to be aggressive towards predators and agile to herd their flock. Further, this sheepdog breed was also used to hunt large game that is local to this part of the Himalayas.

In addition, the Himalaya Sheepdog is closely similar to the mastiff breeds of Tibet and India. Also, It is thought to be linked with Tibet’s long-haired Kinnaur sheepdog. Today, this is a breed that is rarely seen outside of Northern India and Nepal.


Powerful, robust and dependable workers as well as protectors of their flock, the Himalayan Sheepdog excels in both guarding and herding. Also, these dogs are great companions, displaying admirable loyalty that equals their strong drive to work. However, these dogs will show their ferocious nature when strangers are near! In addition, they are known to be jealous of other animals and will turn their aggression to them.

Bred For

The Himalayan Sheepdog has been used and bred for several centuries in the Himalayas as herding and guardian dogs.


The Himalayan Sheepdog will not be a suitable apartment pet. In other words, they will not thrive in the city. To sum up, these are hard-working rural dogs that require space and lots of activities to thrive.


Himalayan Sheepdogs have a medium straight coat. But, they do not require grooming attention as they are naturally clean. However, bathing and brushing them occasionally will remove dead hair and keep their coat healthy.


The Himalayan Sheepdog will be difficult as they are naturally independent and often stubborn. So, the key to have them well trained is gaining their trust and displaying dominance.

However, as for any dog, early age socialization and training will help them become happy and mentally healthy grown-up dogs.


Himalayan Sheepdogs are relatively healthy dogs. However, they can suffer from elbow and hip dysplasia. Also, they are prone to arthritis and canine glaucoma. In addition, their owners should supervise every meal because they tend to overeat. As a result, they can become obese.


These are outdoor working dogs that should be given lots and lots of exercise and regular work to do. Therefore, taking them on everyday walks and jogging sessions is a must! In conclusion, if you are not willing to be active around this dog, then this is a wring choice for you!