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Hovawart – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Medium
Weight: 55 - 90 pounds
Height: 23 - 28 inches
Longevity: 14
Bark Tendency: Medium
Aggression: Low
Compatibility to other pets: High

Adopt a Hovawart, Dog Breed Guide


Native to Germany, Hovawart is one of the oldest working dog breeds in their native country. They got their name from a Middle High German word for “the night watchman”.

Official Name



Date – 14th Century
Country – Germany
Family / Group – Guardian, Herding


Since the early fourteenth century, Hovawarts has been used in Germany as working dogs. They gained the nickname “night watchman” for showing impressive watchdog and guardian dog skills, especially at night time. During the medieval period, Hovawart lost their popularity and saw a great decline in their numbers and nearly went extinct by the 1200s. By the end of World War II, most believed that they have been eradicated completely. In 1922, revival development of the breed commenced lead by Kurt Konig. His efforts were awarded in 1937 when this dog breed was recognized as a purebred by the German Kennel Club. Today they are used for their talents as a watchdog, Schutzhund, search and rescue and tracking dogs.


Hovawart is an active dog that is known to have an independent streak. They are naturally even-tempered that shows self-confidence, loyalty, gentleness, and affection. They are naturally protective of their territory.

Bred For

They are dogs created for their talents in being great watchdogs, Schutzhund. They also show impressive skills in search and rescue and tracking.


Hovawarts are not recommended for life in apartment buildings or high rise condos. Owners with homes that have an average-sized yard are the ideal masters of this breed. Hovawarts are dogs that prefer cooler climates.


The Hovawart’s coat requires average grooming attention. Grooming these dogs will be quick and very easy to do. These dogs are known to shed their coat in average amounts.


The Hovawart dog breed is one of the most intelligent domesticated canines known in the world today. They are among the top dogs that can reach a higher level of training. Training them will take a short amount of time as they are fast learners.


A very healthy breed is what veterinarian calls the Hovawart dog breed. European lineages of this breed should be checked by vets annually as they are more prone to develop thyroid problems. Hip dysplasia is not common to Hovawart dogs, but they do occur.


The Hovawart is guardians that should have sufficient daily activities to do. Owners are advised to take them on walks every day. This is sufficient to maintain a well balanced Hovawart, but taking these dogs jogging and running will be better.



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