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Indian Alangu Mastiff – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Large
Weight: 150 to 170 pounds
Height: 30 to 33 inches
Longevity: 13
Bark Tendency: Medium
Aggression: High
Compatibility to other pets: Medium

Adopt an Indian Alangu Mastiff, Dog Breed Guide


The Indian Alangu Mastiff is a variety of the Bully Kutta breed. This variety is considered to be the rarest among all the Bully Kutta dogs.

Official Name

Indian Alangu Mastiff
Other Name:
Bully Kutta
Indian Bully Kutta


Date – Ancient times
Country – India
Family / Group – Working, Mastiff

Recognized By

Bully Kutta Breed of America


The Indian Alangu Mastiff originates in Southern India’s Thanjavur region and is believed to be an ancient dog breed. They are so ancient that the Persian Army used them as war dogs! They were created and developed by crossing the Bully Kutta or Sind Mastiff with the Alangu Hound. They were originally bred to be used as property guardians, hunting dogs for large game and also as fighting dogs. Today the Indian Alangu Mastiff is on the verge of extinction largely due to many health problems.


Indian Alangu Mastiffs are known to be very alert and extremely sharp dogs. They are considered to be more ferocious compared to the other Bully Kutta variety. These are dogs that are tough and very hardy. They are also capable of surviving without much care. Over all, these are intelligent dogs that are ferocious and extremely self-reliant.

Bred For

The Indian Alangu Mastiff is an ancient breed originally used as hunting dogs and guard dogs. They also have an extensive blood sports history, being the dog of choice in Pakistan and India for this type of blood sport.


The Indian Alangu Mastiffs are dogs not suited for the city. They should not be kept in apartment complexes. This dog breed is an outdoor type of dog and will thrive in rural and suburban areas.


Indian Alangu Mastiffs have coats that are short and smooth. This type of coat requires very little grooming.


The Indian Alangu Mastiff is a breed known to be moderately easy to train as they have high intelligence and naturally obedient to their masters. The right method to use on these powerful large dogs is a firm, consistent and confident approach.


The medical history of the Indian Alangu Mastiff dog breed is not well documented. At present, there is no conclusive data about common health issues and genetic disorders.


Indian Alangu Mastiff dogs will be happy and content with a fair amount of exercise as they have moderate activity levels. They do need to be exercised every day to keep them fit physically and mentally.