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Labrador Husky – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Large
Weight: Both males and females: 60 to 100 pounds
Height: Both males and females: 20 to 28 inches
Longevity: 13
Bark Tendency: Low
Aggression: Low
Compatibility to other pets: High


The Labrador Husky is a purebred and should not be confused with the hybrid mix of Labradors and Siberian Huskies. It is very similar in appearance to a wolf. Therefore, they are dogs that do not bark but howl like their wolf look-alikes.

Official Name

Labrador Husky


Date – Believed to be hundreds of years old
Country – Canada
Family / Group – Northern, Spitz, Nordic


The Labrador Husky is a northern dog breed that belongs to the spitz dog group. It originates in Labrador, a coastal region of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador of Canada. Their precise date of origin is quite unclear, what is clear is that this purebred descended from the native Inuit Dogs of the tribe with the same name which brought these dogs to Labrador sometime during 1300 A.D.

It is believed that this breed was bred and used originally as sled dogs. Among the other northern dog breeds that include Siberian and Alaskan Huskies, the Labrador Husky is the rarest and the least known. They are much larger among all the husky-type dogs and appear to be more wolf-like than the Siberian husky variety.

Today, Labrador Huskies are rarely used as sled dogs but popularly kept as pets. There are records that prove they are still being used by the Inuit and Métis tribes for recreational sledding.


The Labrador Huskies are friendly and non-aggressive to strangers. They are very well-behaved especially if socialized early and properly. Also, these dogs will be safe with children in the family. They are natural hard-working dogs that will thrive well if kept in a pack of similar huskies.

Although very similar looking to the wolf, even howling like the wild wolves, the Labrador Husky is very loyal and will be a trusted and dependable companion. In addition, this northern dog breed possesses a well-balanced combination of strength, stamina, and intelligence.

Bred For

The Labrador Husky was specifically bred to be northern working dogs built for long endurance and impressive strength.


The Labrador Husky is a very large dog that will be suitable in rural or suburban areas. They should be kept in areas with cold weather conditions. Therefore, an ideal living situation for this breed will be a rural or suburban house with a big yard somewhere where the climate is cold and wet.


The Labrador Husky is a high maintenance dog when it comes to grooming. This breed’s double coat demands plenty of brushing time. They are dogs that shed continuously in moderate amounts. They will shed heavily twice a year. Therefore, often brushing is more than welcome!


The Labrador Husky will be very easy and very enjoyable to train for their impressive intelligence.

However, as for any dog breed, early age socialization and training will help them become mentally healthy and happy grown-up dogs.


The Labrador Husky has no known medical issues or genetic disorders that specifically plague its kind. However, they can suffer from hip dysplasia and gastric dilatation.


The Labrador Husky is a high maintenance dog when it comes to activity needs. They are highly active dogs that should be owned by active people who can match their energy levels. Therefore,  plenty of exercises should be given through long walks every day and ample time to run, play and move about.



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