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Lapinporokoira – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Medium
Weight: approximately 70 pounds
Height: 16 to 20 inches at the shoulder
Longevity: 14
Bark Tendency: High
Aggression: Low
Compatibility to other pets: High

Adopt a Lapinporokoira, Dog Breed Guide your pets come first paw iconOfficial Name
Other Name:
Lapponian Herder
Lapp Reindeer Dog
Lapsk Vallhund your pets come first paw iconOrigin
Date – Ancient Times
Country – Finland and Sweden
Family / Group – Northern, Spitz your pets come first paw iconRecognized By
Australian National Kennel Club
Dog Registry of America, Inc.
North American Purebred Registry, Inc.
American Kennel Club your pets come first paw iconHistory
The Lapinporokoira or Laplanders is considered to be the oldest breed among the three breeds that were kept and used by the Sami tribe. It originates from Sweden and Finland and is believed to be more than 9,000 years old. The Sami people called these dogs as Laplanders, a term used to call people who are local to the area covering modern day Sweden and Finland. These dogs were bred by Arctic people to use as hunters and herders of reindeer. They also make great companions dogs on the rugged terrain and freezing temperature of their native region. your pets come first paw iconPersonality
The Lapinporokoira are dogs prized for their intelligence, trainability, and friendliness. They can be stubborn and are known for vocalizing. They enjoy the outdoors and a cool climate. your pets come first paw iconBred For
The Lapinporokoira was kept as hunting and herding dogs of reindeer in the rugged climate conditions of the Arctic regions. your pets come first paw iconEnvironment
The Lapinporokoira are dogs not suitable for the city. They are also not good to have as an apartment pet. They were bred to withstand the freezing temperatures of the Arctic region and are natural Spitz who is eager to hunt, herd and guard. your pets come first paw iconGrooming
The Lapinporokoira dog breed requires basic care when it comes to their thick double coat. Attention will be needed during the shedding seasons; it happens during spring and fall, this is when they shed heavily. your pets come first paw iconTraining
The Lapinporokoira is a dog that will respond well to positive reinforcement techniques when training. Keep in mind that these dogs are independent and have the tendency to get bored during long repetitive sessions. Keep training sessions brief, fun and positive. your pets come first paw iconHealth
Lapinporokoira is a dog that is very healthy. This breed has not been plagued by various diseases affecting their more populous dog cousins. They are considered to be generally healthy, but some do suffer from diabetes mellitus and progressive retinal atrophy. your pets come first paw iconExercise
The Lapinporokoira is a true Northern dog who is active and intelligent. Daily exercise is highly recommended.