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Mallorquin Mastiff – Dog Breeds Guide

Breed summary

Size: Large
Weight: 66 to 83 pounds
Height: 20 to 22 inches
Longevity: 12
Bark Tendency: Low
Aggression: Medium
Compatibility to other pets: Low


The Mallorquin Mastiff is one of the oldest mastiff breeds that originate from the Iberian Peninsula.

Official Name

Mallorquin Mastiff
This dog breed is also called the Mallorquin Bulldog or the Ca De Bou.


Date – Ancient times
Country – Spain
Family / Group- Mastiff


The Mallorquin Mastiff is a mastiff breed that originates from Spain and is believed to be an ancient breed that was widely used across the coastal regions of the Iberian Peninsula. This Spanish purebred is believed to be the descendants of the ancient watch and guard dogs that were used in the harbors and coastal settlements as protectors against the feared “sea people” or pirates that attack from the sea.

The Mallorquin Mastiff is not just a guard dog but also an impressive hunter and fierce fighting dog. This dog breed is tough enough to be pitted against bulls and other formidable fighting dogs.

This breed’s development has been deeply entrenched in the rich and colorful history of its native region. This dog was with James I The Conqueror, the King of Aragon, Count of Barcelona, and Lord of Montpellier, during his conquest of the Balearic Islands in the year 1230. During the 17th century, when Minorca and other surrounding areas were under British rule, this breed was crossed with various dog breeds that were also used as guard dogs and pit fighting canines across the British Isles. By the early 18th century, the blood sports of bull-baiting reached its peak, and Britons now residing in the Balearic Islands wanted a dog that will be a formidable fighting dog that can rival the best pit dogs of the United Kingdom. In 1923, this ancient dog breed’s existent as a distinct and purebred was established by the Spanish Stud Book. Before the end of the decade, this breed saw its first official entry to the Spanish registry and was eventually exhibited at the Barcelona dog show of 1929.


The Mallorquin Mastiff is naturally quiet and calm. This is a self-assured and very trusting dog. But its tenacious instincts from its bloody bull-baiting past will show if the situation calls of it. Once roused, the Mallorquin Mastiff will display bravery and courage that will pierce its adversaries. This breed is considered one of the best guards and watchdogs, with only a few breeds known that can match the dog breed’s skills. These are dogs that will be devoted to its master, an adoring companion around children, very faithful to its family, and will be relatively at ease with friends and strangers. It is important to know that the Mallorquin Mastiff is a dog that is not for everyone. Although considered as a very strong-willed dog, the Mallorquin Mastiff will be surprisingly obedient once it detects that their owner is stronger and more dominant than they are.

Bred For

The Mallorquin Mastiff was originally bred to be the ideal pit fighting dog and bull-baiting breed of the Balearic Islands.


A Mallorquin Mastiff is a dog that can be kept as an apartment dog provided that their owners understand the different needs of this dog especially when it comes to its exercise requirements. These dogs will be very active if kept as indoor pets and will be content even without a yard as long as they are sufficiently exercised.


A Mallorquin Mastiff is a dog that will be easy to groom and does not require extensive attention. Maintaining its healthy coat only requires brushing once a week.


The Mallorquin Mastiff is a dog breed that is naturally strong-minded and will be difficult to train if it feels that their handlers are weak. They will be very obedient if trained by an experienced and very strong-minded dog trainer.


There are no alarming medical conditions that commonly plague the Mallorquin Mastiff.


The Mallorquin Mastiff is a dog that is required to go out for long and brisk walks or jogging every day.



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