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Mastiff – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Giant
Weight: Males: 150 to 250 pounds; Females: 120 to 200 pounds
Height: Male: 30 inches; Female: 27.5 inches
Longevity: 7
Bark Tendency: Low
Aggression: Medium
Compatibility to other pets: Medium


The English Mastiff or more commonly known as the Mastiff is considered to be one of the heaviest of all the large dog breeds. They can weigh over 200 pounds! Incredible, right? These are guard dogs that require no training as their natural instincts to guard will always take over.

Official Name

The Mastiff dog breed has another name: the English Mastiff.


Date – depicted on Egyptian monuments as early as 3000 BC
Country – Great Britain
Family / Group – Mastiff, Working


English Mastiffs are one of the dog breeds that have been bred since ancient times. The precise history of this particular dog breed is a bit hazy. However, historical records show that it has been bred in Great Britain for more than 2,000 years. Their origins can be traced to the lines of the ancient Tibetan mastiff dogs that predate the Roman Empire. Originally bred as guardian dogs but also as fighting dogs. On the other hand, today, most of these dogs are now kept as companion pets.


The Mastiff is one of the most adaptable large dogs present in the dog universe. These bulky canine companions will do great in all sorts of living conditions.  They are naturally protective of their family and can become suspicious when new faces arrive in their territory. The English Mastiff dogs are very dignified and oozing with self-confidence.

In addition, these dogs show much emotion and are incredibly gentle. Therefore, they are perfect for families with little children.

Bred For

English Mastiffs were and continuously bred as watchdogs and guardians for livestock. Also, they are used as police dogs and some serve in the military. Moreover, these mastiffs are also trained in search and rescue and weight pulling competitions.


The English Mastiff dog breed is impressively adaptable when it comes to living conditions. They will be equally good pets in large and small spaces.

The English Mastiff can be kept outdoors, but not in hot or humid climates.


The English Mastiff dogs have a smooth and short-haired coat covering their bodies. Therefore, their coat is very easy to groom and maintain. They are dogs that shed hair in average amounts.


They may be very obedient, but these English mastiff dogs can be tough to train. The key to having these large dogs well trained is a gentle but firm training approach. Owners should be patient with them as they can get a bit sensitive to harshness.


The English Mastiff dogs are extremely prone to hip dysplasia because of their massive size. Diet supervision is recommended as they have a very high tendency to get overweighted and obese. In addition, other major medical issues to be concerned with the English Mastiffs are gastric torsion and CHD. Also, minor health issues that may arise will include ectropion, elbow dysplasia, vaginal hyperplasia, PRA, and PPM. There are some lines of these dog breeds that are occasionally prone to cardiomyopathy.


English Mastiffs can be quite lethargic or just downright lazy! They have a high risk of being obese so regular exercise is very important even if they don’t like it. Therefore, owners should encourage them! Take them on long walks every day to help maintain a fit body and a mentally sound temperament.



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