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Mastin Ligero Español – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Giant
Weight: 145 to 220 pounds
Height: 28 to 35 inches
Longevity: 11
Bark Tendency: Medium
Aggression: Medium
Compatibility to other pets: Low


Mastin Ligero Español or Mastin Ligero, which is English for Light Mastiff, is one of two varieties of Mastin Español dogs or Spanish Mastiffs that are now actively being bred and used in Spain.

The Mastin Ligero dogs are commonly used in Spain’s southern region, specifically in Andalucia and Meseta. They are the lighter, more agile and faster Spanish Mastiffs.

Official Name

Mastín Ligero Español


Date – Ancient times
Country – Spain
Family / Group – Mastiff, Flock Guard


Mastín Ligero Español is a line of Mastín Español or Spanish Mastiffs that is considered to be an ancient breed with roots that can be traced as far back the Phoenician Empire that once ruled parts of the Iberian Peninsula. Mastín Ligaro is the lighter version of its northern Spanish brethren the Mastin Pesado. They were bred to be faster and more agile Spanish Mastiffs that will adapt and be efficient while working in the warm climate of Southern Spain. The Mastin Español is officially recognized as the National Dog Breed of Spain.


Mastin Ligero known to be highly protective and very territorial, they are after all bred to be natural guard dogs. The Spanish mastiffs will be reserved and wary dogs when around strangers. These large dogs will display great affection towards friends and families. They are naturally intelligent, independent, alert and considerably watchful but very calm.


Mastín Ligero dogs should be trained extensively for obedience and socialization.


Mastín Ligero dogs are generally healthy. This large dog breed may suffer from hip dysplasia.


The Mastín Ligero is should be taken on long walks every day.



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