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Naagi Bully Kutta – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Giant
Weight: 150 to 170 pounds
Height: 32 to 42 inches
Longevity: 12
Bark Tendency: Medium
Aggression: High
Compatibility to other pets: Medium

Adopt a Naagi Bully Kutta, Dog Breed Guide


The Naagi Bully Kutta is the youngest variety of the Bully Kutta dog breed. They are considered to be a bigger and stronger version of the original and standard Pakistani-Indian dog breed.

Official Name

Naagi Bully Kutta
This dog breed from Pakistan is also called as the Bully Kutta or the Pakistani Kutta.


Date – 20th century
Country – Pakistan
Family / Group – Working, Mastiff

Recognized By:
Bully Kutta Breed of America


The Naagi Bully Kutta is the youngest variety of the Bully Kutta that is basically bigger and powerful versions of the Standard Bully Kutta dog breed. They are bred and developed in Pakistan and used also for dog fighting and prized for being one of the top guard dogs to have in Central Asia. To produce this bigger and stronger version, Bully Kutta breeders crossed merle colored Great Danes with the Standard Bully Kuttas.

This dog breed got its name from the Sindhi and Urdu words “Bohli” which is roughly translated to heavily wrinkled, and “Kutta” which is the local word for dog.


The Naagi Bully Kutta inherited traits from both its Bully Kutta and Great Dane ancestors. They got the extreme aggressiveness and imposing appearance and size but loving disposition towards its family from the Great Danes. They inherited the power, agility and gameness of the Bully Kutta. Overall, the Naagi Kuutta dogs are intelligent and will be very protective of their family and territory.

Bred For

The Naagi Bully Kutta was created to produce larger, more powerful and extremely aggressive versions of the Standard Bully Kutta.


The Naagi Bully Kuttas are dogs not suited for the city. They should not be kept in apartment complexes. This dog breed is an outdoor type of dog and will thrive in rural and suburban areas.


Naagi Bully Kuttas have coats that are short and smooth. This type of coat requires very little grooming.


The Naagi Bully Kutta is a breed known to be moderately easy to train as they have high intelligence and naturally obedient to their masters. The right method to use on these powerful large dogs is a firm, consistent and confident approach.


The medical history of the Naagi Bully Kutta dog breed is not well documented as they are very young as a breed.


Naagi Bully Kutta dogs will be happy and content with a fair amount of exercise as they have moderate activity levels. They do need to be exercised every day to keep them fit physically and mentally.