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Norwegian Puffing Dog – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Small
Weight: 13 to 20 pounds
Height: 12 to 15.5 inches
Longevity: 12
Bark Tendency: Low
Aggression: Medium
Compatibility to other pets: High


The Norwegian Puffing dog breed has the same jaw structure as the ancient and now extinct Varanger dog or also known as the Ur dog breed. These ancient canines saw extinction at the end of Ice Age. They are included in the Spitz dog group and are considered to be among the rarest dog breed in the world today. These dogs are equipped with six toes which helps them grip the rocks on cliffs while hunting Puffing birds!

Official Name

Norwegian Puffing dog
This native dog breed of Norway is also called as the Puffin Dog


Date – Ancient Times
Country – Norway
Family / Group – Northern, Spitz


The precise date of origins for the Norwegian Puffing dog breed is quite unclear. Most dog historians believed that they are linked to ancient Varanger dogs. The bone of these ancient Russian dogs dating back 5,000 years revealed that they have the same jaw structure as the modern Norwegian Puffing dog breed. The Puffin dogs, as they are fondly called in Norway were kept and bred to hunt puffin birds. They were trained to specifically scour the nest of these little birds which often found on cliffs. These dogs do this task easily as they were created for their flexibility and their abilities to grip cliff walls.

During the breakout of World War II, this Norwegian spitz dog was nearly decimated. Not because of war but because of an outbreak of distemper. Their numbers went down to only a handful. Fortunately, breeder’s revitalized the breed using the few Norwegian Puffing dogs left after the war was over.


The Norwegian Puffing dog is a jolly and energetic dog. These spitzes are known to display devotions when around family. When it comes to strangers, they will become very wary. Norwegian Puffing dog is not dog-aggressive but should be supervised when around small animals as they will treat them as prey. They are northern dogs that are known to be mentally sound and strong and quite independent. These traits make the Norwegian Puffing dog is tough to train. Housebreaking would also be a problem as these dogs would often display primitive behaviors inside the house. Unwanted dog behavior includes hunting other small pets and eliminating while inside the house!

Bred For

They are trained to hunt and scour puffin birds and their nest along cliffs. They are bred for being able to grab cliff edges using their six toes on both feet.


These northern dogs will do well in houses that have doggy doors and a fenced small yard.


Norwegian Puffing dogs are spitzes that are low maintenance when it comes to their grooming. Grooming Norwegian Puffing dogs are easy and quick to do. These dogs shed heavily.


They are intelligent and training them is doable but will be difficult as these dogs are known to be stubborn. They are primitive dogs making them very hard to housebreak.


Norwegian Puffin dogs are one of the most high maintenance dog breeds when it comes to their medical needs. This spitz breed is plagued by various diseases. Norwegian Puffing dogs are very prone to have PLE or protein-losing enteropathy.  These dogs also suffer from gastrointestinal diseases especially the life-threatening intestinal enteropathy.


The Norwegian Puffing dog dogs should have ample amounts of play and exercise thus we recommend taking this spitz out for walks every day.



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