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Ol’ Southern Catchdog – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Medium to Large
Weight: 50 - 90 pounds
Height: 18 - 25 inches
Longevity: 14
Bark Tendency: Low
Aggression: Low
Compatibility to other pets: High

Adopt An Ol’ Southern Catchdog, Dog Breed Guide



The Ol’ Southern Catchdog breed was named for its impressive talents when out on the field catching feral hogs and boars as well as wild cattle in America’s Southern States.

Official Name

Ol’ Southern Catchdog


Date – No precise date of


Country – Southern United States of America
Family / Group – Bulldog, Hunting

Recognized By:
Backwoods Bulldog Club
National Kennel Club

The Ol’ Southern Catchdog is a bulldog breed that is considered to be fairly young but the precise record of its development is not that well documented. What it known about this American dog breed is that they were created to be genuine multi-purpose bulldogs that can function efficiently and effectively to any task it was trained to do such as hunting, herding and guarding. This breed originates in the region of the United States that is famous for being called the American South. This breed’s rich and 100% pure southern heritage also is one of the reasons why it is named the Ol’ Southern Catchdog.


Ol’ Southern Catchdog was original bred to be catch hogs that turned feral and wild cattle. Later on it was used as a dependable guard dog, protector of property and family as well as a very loyal companion pet. They are dogs that will display a strong will to sacrifice their lives to perform the task given to them. This does not mean that they are naturally aggressive. In fact, the Ol’ Southern Catchdogs were bred not to be overly aggressive towards people and other dogs. They are also dogs that will be very tolerant towards children of all ages. Over all, this dog breed from the American South are impressively courageous, very brave, full of confidence and will be determined till the end when performing his duties, but will not be hostile to his family and towards other people in general.

Bred For

Ol’ Southern Catchdogs were specifically bred to catch hogs that turned feral and wild cattle. They evolved into a multi-purpose dog that functions as hunters, guards and protectors as well as loyal family companions.


Ol’ Southern Catchdogs are rural dogs that will thrive in farms and with families that can give them a regular job. These dogs will thrive in areas with large open spaced for them to run freely.


Ol’ Southern Catchdogs are dogs that will only require very little grooming attention.


This Southern Catchdogs were created with trainability as one major factor to its breeding development. They are highly trainable.


Ol’ Southern Catchdogs are considered as be very healthy dogs.


Ol’ Southern Catchdog is a breed that should be taken on walks every day or running and jogging several times a week. They require regular jobs and task to perform.