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Parson Russell Terrier – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Small
Weight: 13 to 17 pounds
Height: 13 to 14 inches
Longevity: 15
Bark Tendency: High
Aggression: High
Compatibility to other pets: Low

Adopt a Parson Russell Terrier, Dog Breed Guide


The Parson Russell Terrier is considered the long-legged variety of the original Jack Russell Terrier breed.

Official Name

Parson Russell Terrier


Date – 18th Century
Country – England
Family / Group: Terrier


The Parson Russell Terrier is a small white terrier dog breed that originates in England and was first recognized as a distinct breed during the 1980s. Up until the ’80s, the Parson Russell Terrier shares the same history with very close cousins the Jack Russell Terrier. There was a time that these two terrier breeds were considered as one and the same.

The Parson Russell Terriers have longer legs, longer heads, and larger chests and slightly bigger inbuilt than the Jack Russell. They are also mostly white terrier dogs with black, tan or tricolor markings.


They are known to be big dogs trapped in a small body! That’s how big the energy levels of the Parson Russell Terriers. Their famous traits include having a very strong work drive and equipped with a very high level of intelligence. They are also very loyal, keen, and assertive.

Bred For

Parson Russell Terriers share the same history as the Jack Russell Terrier and was originally bred to hunt small game. They are hunting dogs prized for their tracking and digging abilities when chasing after foxes.


The Parson Russell Terriers will be a good apartment pet provided that they are sufficiently exercised. These terriers will thrive in homes that have a yard.


Parson Russell Terriers are easy to groom. Combing and brushing their coats regularly is the only thing needed to be done.


Parson Russell Terriers can be difficult to train as they are innately feisty and very single-minded. They can be too exuberant and very playful, making this terrier breed quite a handful when in training.


Parson Russell Terriers are prone to dislocation of the kneecaps, inherited eye diseases, deafness and Legg Perthes and have a high risk of acquiring mast cell tumors.


Parson Russell Terriers needs to be taken on a long, daily, brisk walk. In addition, he will be in his glory with space to run, hunt and play.



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