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Simkhyi – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Small
Weight: 9 to 15 pounds
Height: average of 10 inches
Longevity: 17
Bark Tendency: High
Aggression: Medium
Compatibility to other pets: Low


The SimKhyi is the highest in order among all the Tibetan dog breeds that were bred and created by monastery monks to serve them and the Dalai Lama. This small Tibetan dog breed was bred to look like small lions, physically regal but very protective despite its size.

Simkyhi or Tibetan Spaniel glamour shot

Official Name

During the time when Western explorers first laid their eyes on the SImKhi, the have mistakenly called it a spaniel type of dog. This is due to the shared similarities of the SimKhyi to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a gun dog used in Europe. SimKhyi is far from being a gun dog as it was purely a companion pet, serving the Dalai Lama himself.


Date – 2000 years ago
Country – Tibet
Family / Group – Companion, Non-Sporting, Toy


Like the Tibetan Terrier, which is not actually a terrier, the SimKhyi is not really a spaniel type of dog. These dogs are more closely related to the Japanese Chin dogs and the Chinese Pekingese. Tibetan Buddhist Lamas bred these companion dogs to specifically resemble a lion or to be similar looking as the Chinese Fo Dog. The two are revered symbols in Buddhist religion.

SimKhyis were used as precious gifts to rulers of countries following Buddhism. These dogs were also bred to be guard dogs of Tibetan monasteries.


SimKhyis are small dogs that can be very loud and very vocal. This high level of alertness makes them excellent guard dogs. Their cleanliness and fastidious nature often give them the impression of being cat-like. These dogs will show affection and an eagerness to please when around their family.

Bred For

SimKhyis were often given as gifts to royal houses and diplomatic attaché.


The SimKhyi is a dog that can adapt to all kinds of living conditions. They will do fine in the city, country, or suburban areas. They will be good apartment dogs.


SimKhyis should be regularly groomed by combing and brushing their coat. These dogs shed hair in average amounts.


SimKhyis can be slightly difficult to train as these dogs may become hard-headed and even aggressive towards other dogs.


The SimKhyi dog breed are known to be at high risk on developing problems that affect the respiratory system. They are also very sensitive to extremely hot climate and these dogs are known to suffer and even die from heatstroke.


The SimKhyi requires moderate exercise through long walks done casually every day.



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