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Thai Bangkaew – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Giant
Weight: 35 to 46 pounds
Height: 7 to 21 inches
Longevity: 14
Bark Tendency: Medium
Aggression: Low
Compatibility to other pets: Low

Adopt a Thai Bangkaew Dog, Dog Breed Guide


The Thai Bangkaew Dog is one of Thailand’s native dog breed and is considered included in the Spitz dog family. This is an Asian dog breed that comes from cross between a domestic dog and a wild jackal. This interbred made the Thai Bangkaew Dog very unique and very rare outside of Southeast Asia.

Official Name

Thai Bangkaew Dog


Date – Ancient Times
Country – Thailand
Family / Group – Spitz


The Thai Bangkaew Dog breed’s history is sorrounded in legend but most Asian dog historians believed that this Thai dog breed originated in the Bang Rakam District of Central Thailand’s Phitsanulok Province. Legends say that this breed was created by The Third Abbot of the Wat Bangkaew Temple located in Bang Rakam, using lineages of the local domestic dogs with the wild jackal. The Thai Bangkaew dog breed underwent a DNA test and confirmed that it has lineages of domestic Thai dogs and jackal blood. Today, they are seletively bred and has evolved into one of Thailand’s favorite dogs to have as family pets and watchdogs.


Thai Bangkaew Dogs are favored family pets in its native country. They are protectors of home, people and property and will be very alert, watchful and dependable defenders while on the job. This is a dog breed known to be devoted towards their master. They are dogs that will be aloof towards strangers. Thai Bangkaew dogs have impressive agility, naturaly swimmers even in strong river currents. They are also very voracious diggers much like the terriers of Europe. Overall, the Thai Bangkaew breed is highly intelligent and very protective.

Bred For

The Thai Bangkaew Dogs were and are still being bred in Thailand as family companions, watchdogs and guardians of property and homes.


This dog breed is ideal for families living in rural or suburban areas. They are very vocal which makes them not suitable as pets in apartments and condominiums. They are dogs that will love homes with ample space to run and dig!


This Thai dog breed requires very minimal grooming attention. Their coat only requires brushing once a week. These are dogs that sheds hair in average amount.


The Thai Bangkaew dog breed will be tough to train. They are very intelligent but will be stubborn and dominant. The key to having these dogs well trained is a consistent and positive training method by an experienced dog trainer.


They are one of Thailand’s healthiest dog breeds.


This Thai dog breed is a bit demanding when it comes to exercise needs. These dogs are naturally energetic with a highly level of activity that should be satisfied. It is recommended to give these dogs vigorous physical exercise that will also stimulate their mental muscles!