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Thai Ridgeback – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Medium
Weight: 51 - 75 pounds
Height: 20- 24 inches
Longevity: 13
Bark Tendency: Low
Aggression: Medium
Compatibility to other pets: Low

Adopt a Thai Ridgeback, Dog Breed Guide


The Thai Ridgeback is Thailand’s most famous dog breed and known locally as the Mah Thai. It’s a primitive breed of sighthound that is believed to have first been breed during the Middle Ages.

Official Name

Thai Ridgeback


Date – since the Middle Ages
Country – Thailand
Family / Group – Primitive, Hunting, Sight Hound, Hound, Pariah

Recognized By:
Association of Thai Ridgeback Owners & Fanciers
Fédération Cynologique Internationale
American Thai Ridgeback Association
Kennel Club of Thailand
Thai Ridgeback Club of the United States
National Kennel Club
American Pet Registry, Inc.
American Canine Registry
Dog Registry of America, Inc.
North American Purebred Registry, Inc.
American Kennel Club Foundation Stock Service – Program


Thai Ridgeback dogs originate in Thailand’s Eastern provinces and are believed to be at least 350 years old. The Thai people kept and bred them to be hunters and guardians. This dog breed is considered among the rarest dog breed today. Majority of this breed’s existing population can only be seen in some parts of Thailand.


Thai Ridgeback dogs have temperament that does not make them suitable as family pets. They are tough both physically and mentally. These Thai dogs are famous in its native country for being very protective and will often be dog-aggressive to any dog it meets.

Bred For

Thai farmers have been using these dogs as watchdogs, guardian dogs and also as hunting companions.


Thai Ridgebacks can be good apartment pets provided they are sufficiently exercised and properly trained. They are dogs that were bred in tropical climate conditions and will be uncomfortable in areas with cold weather.


The Thai Ridgeback are dogs that require very little grooming attention.


Thai Ridgebacks can be a bit tough to train. The key is to be a dominant pack leader that has researched and fully understands this Thai dog breed.


Thai Ridgebacks is one of the healthiest dog breeds today and shows no medical condition that affects their health.


The Ridgebacks should be given plenty of time to exercise. It is recommended to take them on long walks every day.