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Welsh Springer Spaniel – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Medium
Weight: Males: 40 - 55 pounds; Frmales: 35 - 50 pounds
Height: Males: 18 - 19 inches; Females: 17 - 18 inches
Longevity: 15
Bark Tendency: Medium
Aggression: Medium
Compatibility to other pets: Medium to High


The Welsh Springer Spaniel dog breed are descendants of the English Springer Spaniels. They appear like bred down versions of their progenitors with a smaller built. These Welsh spaniels are also less energetic than the English variety.

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a medium-sized bird dog known as the oldest sporting breed.

Official Name

Welsh Springer Spaniel
This dog breed is also known as the Welsh Springer or the Welshie.


Date – Middle Ages
Country – Great Britain
Family / Group – Gun Dog, Sporting, Spaniel

Recognized By:

Fédération Cynologique Internationale
American Kennel Club
United Kennel Club
Kennel Club of Great Britain
Canadian Kennel Club
Australian National Kennel Club
National Kennel Club
New Zealand Kennel Club
Continental Kennel Club
American Pet Registry, Inc.
American Canine Registry
Dog Registry of America, Inc.
North American Purebred Registry, Inc.


The Welsh Springer Spaniel dog breed’s history is not well documented. Dog historians believe that similar spaniel-type dogs were already being used as hunters all across Great Britain during the time of the Middle Ages. Historical accounts of Welsh huntsmen suggest that they hunted with packs of red and white spaniels, with special skills in flushing game.


Welsh Springer Spaniels are outgoing dogs that are amenable and always seen in a jovial mood. They are very active spaniels and are also known to be very intelligent. This combination makes the Welsh Springer one of the most trainable spaniel breeds in the world. These dogs are also motivated workers and eager performers. In addition, they can form strong bonds with their family and will remain devoted to them until their last days. They are among the friendliest spaniels, easily getting along with everyone including other dogs!

Bred For

The Welsh Springer was bred to track and spring at the prey while hunting. They are versatile hunting dogs known to be excellent gun dogs, trackers, retrievers as well as a good watchdog to have.


The Welsh Springer Spaniel can be trained to be a good apartment pet if sufficiently exercised. These dogs will be at their best at homes with an average-sized yard.


Welsh Springer Spaniels are fairly easy to groom. Their coat requires minimal attention and maintains it would be quick and easy to do. This dog sheds hair averagely.


Initial training should be focused on learning how to hunt. This is advised so the dogs can utilize their learned skills and reaction to commands in a positive manner.

As for any dog, early age socialization and training will help puppies become happy and mentally healthy grown-up dogs.


Welsh Springer Spaniels are prone to hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia, and entropion. Also, these spaniel type dogs are at high risk in developing cataracts and acquiring seizure causing diseases.


The Welsh Springer Spaniel dogs are very active and energetic dogs. Therefore, they require a lot more exercise than an average dog. In other words, they need plenty of regular exercise such as taking them on long walks or running every day. Since they are natural hunters, they should not be taken off the leash because they will run off and chase a bird.