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Yugoslavian Hound – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Medium
Weight: 44 to 55 pound
Height: 17½ to 22 inches
Longevity: 15
Bark Tendency: Low
Aggression: Low
Compatibility to other pets: Medium

Adopt a Yugoslavian Hound, Dog Breed Guide


The Yugoslavian Hound breed comes in two varieties:

  • The Yugoslavian Mountain Hound which is officially called Jugoslovenski Planinski Gonic;
  • The Yugoslavian Tricolor Hound which is officially called Jugoslovenski Trobojni Gonic,

Official Name

Yugoslavian Hound


Date – A very old breed that have existed in the Balkan regions for several centuries
Country – Areas covering the former country of Yugoslavia
Family / Group – Scent Hound, Hound

Recognized By:
Dog Registry of America, Inc.


The Yugoslavian Hound breed is believed to be a very old scent hound breed that originated in the Balkan region that was known as Yugoslavia, now modern day Serbia. The two varieties of Yugoslavian Hounds were bred to be “running hounds”. This is a hunting term used when scent hounds are made to seek or scent game on its own, without a leash. These dogs are prize for their impressive skills on scent tracking feral pigs, wild boards and even hares, rabbits and foxes! Today they are relatively unknown and considered rare outside their native country.


Yugoslavian Hounds are hardy scent hounds that will display boldness, persistence and keen scenting abilities while out on the field. Although able to hunt on all kinds of terrain, these hounds are highly skilled hunters on rough terrains that is the natural landscape of the Balkan region where these dogs were first developed. Their boldness on hunting hares, foxes, deer and other quarry will be seen only on the job. At home, these hounds will be good-tempered displaying gentleness and a calm demeanor.

Bred For

This Yugoslavian scent hound was originally bred to hunt game without wearing a leash. They were bred to go scent track and hunt feral pigs and wild boars as well as hares and foxes.


Yugoslavian hounds are not recommended to be kept as apartment pets. They are also not suitable to life in the city. These are scent hounds created for the hunt and will thrive in rural areas.


The Yugoslavian hound breed is a dog that will be very easy to groom. They are dogs that shed hair in average amounts.


Naturally intelligent, the Yugoslavian hound will be easy to train. It is recommended to have them socialized and trained for obedience at an early age.


The Yugoslavian Hound and its varieties are known to be very healthy.


Yugoslavian Hound dogs require average exercise sessions and should be taken on walks every day and outdoor trips every weekend.