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Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Large
Weight: 55 to 88 pounds
Height: 22 to 24 inches
Longevity: 13
Bark Tendency: Medium
Aggression: High
Compatibility to other pets: Medium

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The Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog was named after the former Yugoslav nation that is a member of the former Soviet Union. Today, this dog breed is still called by its former name, but the preferred official name of this breed is the Macedonian-Yugoslav Shepherd Dog. This is to differentiate it to the other breeds that are bred out of Macedonia.

Official Name

Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog
This dog breed is also called as the Macedonian-Yugoslav Shepherd Dog, Yugoslav Shepherd Dog, Yugoslav Mountain Dog or the Yugoslavian Sheepdog.


Date – Ancient Times
Country – The formerly known as Yugoslavia which today are the countries of Macedonia and Serbia
Family / Group – Herding, Flock Guardian

Recognized By:
Continental Kennel Club
Fédération Cynologique Internationale
National Kennel Club
American Pet Registry, Inc.
American Canine Registry
Dog Registry of America, Inc.


Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog has a very cloudy history but dog historians believe that they are one of the most ancient dog breeds still existing today. These are dogs that originated in the Balkan region known as Sarplanina which compromises the area that was once called Yugoslavia and the modern day Serbia and Macedonia. Their ancestors are believed to be the ancient Asian dog breed known as the Tibetan Shepherd dogs. Like their ancestors, the Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog was bred and widely
used as flock guards that can maneuver on mountainous terrain. Today, these dogs are still used as flock guards in their native country. Yugoslavian Shepherd dogs that are bred across Europe, the United States and in Canada are bred specifically as companion dogs.


A sheep dog that is dominant and independently-minded while out on the field, the Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog is one of few flock guardians that can excellently perform their task in rough mountainous terrain. They are dogs full of courage and gifted with impressive intelligence. These sheep dogs will be affectionate towards family but will display wariness towards strangers.

Bred For

These are dogs that were bred to be farm workers and serious flock guardians.


The Yugoslavian Sheepdog will not do well as city or apartment pets.


These are dogs that do not require a lot of grooming attention but their coats will benefit if occasionally brushed.


Yugoslavian sheep dogs can be trained but will be difficult and requires a dominant, firm and consistent trainer in order to be learning a lesson. They are natural farm workers and will learn their flock guardian duties even when not trained to do


The Yugoslavian sheepdog are very healthy and known to be free from genetic disorders that may pose alarming health problems that commonly plague other breed.


This Yugoslavian sheep dog breed requires substantial amount of activities to suit their exercise requirements. They should be kept as farms dogs where they can naturally run free and work vigorously If not kept as farm dogs; they need to be taken on long walks or jogging sessions every day.