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  • Australian Bombay Cat – Cat Breed Guide

    Introduction Australian Bombays are basically Bombay cats that are bred in Australia and New Zealand. This cat breed originates from hybridization between Burmese cats and Shorthair cats that may be American, British or European in origin. The Australian Bombay is a shorthaired breed that was specifically developed to avoid various medical-related issues and genetic disorders […]

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  • Asian Cat Family – Cat Breeds Guide

    Introduction The Asian Cat Group consists of cats that are basically Burmese in type but come with a variety of coat colors that is not seen on the typical Burmese cat breed. There are five different varieties included in the Asian Cat Group: • Asian Shaded – commonly called the Burmilla. This is the first […]

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  • Arabian Mau Cat – Cat Breeds Guide

    Introduction The Arabian Mau is the indigenous domesticated cat breed of the United Arab Emirates or UAE and has been in existence for several centuries across the Arabian Peninsula. These shorthaired cats are commonly called the “street cats” in various cities and towns in the Middle East. This particular cat breed has evolved and adapted […]

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  • Anatolian Cat – Cat Breed Guide

    Introduction Generally, an Anatolians or Turkish Shorthairs are cats that are not classified officially under the Turkish Van or Turkish Angora cat breed. Anatolian cats are actually very similar in type and in almost all aspects of both the Turkish Angoras and Turkish Van cats. They are actually from one generic breed that was called […]

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  • American Wirehair Cat – Cat Breed Guide

    Introduction The American Wirehair cat breed is a domesticated feline breed that originates in the United States, specifically in the state of New York during the middle part of the 1960s. It is a well-known breed that is being bred across the world. It is an even-tempered cat breed that shares very identical traits to […]

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  • American Short Hair Cat – Cat Breed Guide

    Introduction The American Shorthair cat breed or also commonly called ASH is a domestic cat breed that descends from the European cats that were brought by the early settlers during North America’s colonial period. This is a working cat breed that was used onboard ships to protect the cargo against rats. Today, it is ranked […]

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  • American Curl Cat – Cat Breed Guide

    Introduction The American Curl is among the youngest recognized cat breed in the world. It may be young, but specimens of this breed have been recognized and awarded as champions on various cat shows. This particular breed is famous for its very unique ears that are curled back from the face and towards the center […]

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  • American Curl Short Hair – Cat Breed Guide

    Introduction The American Curl Short Hair is the first of two varieties of the American Curl cat breed that was bred for their uniquely shaped ears. This short-haired cat is considered to be one of the youngest cat breeds today, only being exhibited in a cat show in 1986. This American bred cat is famous […]

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  • American Curl Longhair Cat – Cat Breed Guide

    Introduction The American Curl Longhair is one of two varieties of the young and American bred American Curl cat breed. It shares the same history of the original American Curl Short-hair that was first exhibited in 1986. The American Curl Longhair also has the unique curled-ears but was recognized as a different breed in 1987. […]

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  • American Bombay Cat – Cat Breed Guide

    Introduction The American Bombay is a shorthaired domestic cat breed that is typically a Burmese-type. This breed is not a naturally domesticated breed but a hybrid that was specifically created to physically resemble that wild Indian Black Leopard but have a very docile and pleasing temperament. Except for the consistent jet black coat color, American […]

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  • American Bobtail – Cat Breed Guide

      Introduction The American Bobtail is considered to be rare a domestic cat breed, famous for its stubby tail that is bobbed, hence the breed’s name. This cat’s “bobbed” tail is approximately a third or half the length of the tail of an average cat. The American Bobtail’s unique tail is the result of a […]

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  • American Bobtail Shorthair – Cat Breed Guide

    Introduction The American Bobtail Shorthair is one of two varieties of the American Bobtail cat breed. It got its name from the “bobbed” shaped tail, a trait that made it famous worldwide. This American cat breed is also considered to be among the rarest of all the worlds’ accepted and recognized cat breeds. Official Name […]

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  • American Bobtail Longhair – Cat Breed Guide

    Introduction The American Bobtail Longhair is one of the rare domestic cat breeds in the world today. This is the long-variety of the American cat breed that is famous for having a stubby and “bobbed” tail. The very unique physical trait of the American Bobtail Longhair is brought by a genetic mutation that is similar […]

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  • Havana Brown – Cat Breed Guide

    Introduction The Havana cat breed is described and called by various feline registries differently but is generally a domesticated cat breed with roots to the original Domestic Shorthairs that existed in the Kingdom of Siam. Today, the various international feline registries that recognize this breed are: The International Cat Association calls it Havana and accepts […]

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  • Abyssinian Cat – Cat Breed Guide

    Introduction The Abyssinian cat is a short-haired domesticated cat breed that has a very cloudy history. The cat breed’s history is based on theories and legends. This particular cat breed is famous for its distinctive ticked coat and has been among the most popular cat breeds in The United States and Europe. Official Name Abyssinian […]

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