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American Curl Longhair Cat – Cat Breed Guide


The American Curl Longhair is one of two varieties of the young and American bred American Curl cat breed. It shares the same history of the original American Curl Short-hair that was first exhibited in 1986. The American Curl Longhair also has the unique curled-ears but was recognized as a different breed in 1987. Not all registries and organizations that recognize the American Curl short-hair variety recognizes this particular breed.

Official Name

American Curl Longhair


The American Curl Longhair is the youngest of the two American Curl varieties that were first developed by the Ruga Family in Lakewood, California. Although bred at the same time as the American Curl Short-hair, the longhair coat variety was recognized a year later after their short-haired cousins.

Quick FAQs

Size: The American Curl is a cat that is small to medium in size

Body Type: American Curl Longhair cats have bodies that are semi-foreign in built

Grooming Requirement: Longhaired American Curls require grooming two times a week

Vocal Tendency: This variety is considered average when it comes to vocal tendency.

Energy Levels: The American Curl is one of the most energetic cats known today

Time Alone: This particular cat breed requires 4 to 8 hours of personal time every day

Care: The American Curl requires lots of attention and will be fairly docile

Recognized By

American Cat Fanciers Association
Canadian Cat Association
Clube Português de Felinicultura
Asociación Felina Española
Fédération Internationale Féline


The American Curl Longhair cat breed basically shares the history of the American Curl Short-hair as they were developed at the same time. The only difference is that this breed was recognized as a year later after the short-haired variety was first exhibited in 1986. Please read the American Curl, Cat Breed Guide article to read more about the history of this American purebred.

Created and developed by Mr. and Mrs. Ruga of Southern California and further developed with the help of experts Ms. Ms. Nancy Kiester and Mr. Jean Grimm, American Curl Longhair cats and its short-haired cousins come from the same ancestry, being descendants of Shulamith, a longhaired black coated cat with curled ears and another longhaired local cat. The selective breeding program produced various coat colors and length, with short-haired and longhaired coated kittens appearing in the same litter. The first to be exhibit in a cat show was the short-haired variety. Further selective breeding refined the consistency and a year later, the breed’s creator exhibited the American Curl LH variety which earned recognition from several major feline registries and organizations. Today, The American Curl Longhair cat breed is still considered to be uncommon outside the United States but has gradually gained popularity in several countries including Japan, France, Russia and Spain.


The American Curl Longhair breed is not just a cat prized for those uniquely shaped curled ears. This American bred cat breed is also prized for their very pleasing personalities. American Curl LH cats are very people-oriented, displaying admirable affection and devotion towards their owners. Unlike most cats, they are not at all aloof and will enjoy being cuddled by the humans that they’ve chosen to bind themselves with.

The Curl cats with longhair coat length are also slow to mature, and some seem to never “grow up”. This is due to the innate playfulness, highly energetic and always inquisitive disposition of these cats which will last until their senior years. They are one of the few cat breeds that can learn and will enjoy the game of fetch! American Curl Longhair cats will be very sociable, eagerly accommodating people who are young and old. They will also be very accommodating with other cats as well as other cat-friendly or cat-tolerant dogs. The Curl LH cats are quiet, only choosing to vocalize when they need to be fed.


The American Curl Longhair is famous for those unique curls of their ears. It will not be visible at birth and will gradually develop during their first week. In the fourth month, the fully curled shaped will settle to its final form. Unlike the short-haired variety, the American Curl Longhair cats have tails that are exquisitely plumed.

American Curl LH cats are well-balanced felines. They have slender bodies that have a fair amount of muscle. The size of the cat is not important, what is important for American Curl enthusiasts is the overall balance and proper proportion of the cat’s physique.

American Curls Longhair cats have a semi-foreign body that rectangular in built.

Head, Ears and Eyes
The American Curl Longhair cats have modified wedge heads that have no flat planes. The curled ears should have a minimum of 90 degreed arcs and a maximum of 180 degrees. It should also be wide at the base and have an open and curving back in a very smooth arc. These cats should have eyes that are somewhat fairly large in size with a walnut shape that can be described as oval-shaped at the top and round-shaped on the bottom. The colors of the eyes do not have to be related to the coat color, but it should be brilliant and clear.


The American Curl is a fairly young cat breed that has a very small genetic pool. There are restrictions on breeding to promote the sufficient diversity of this breed’s genetic makeup. Today, it is currently recognized as a healthy breed. Infections and coat damage does occur but can be prevented with gentle handling and frequent grooming.



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