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American Curl Short Hair – Cat Breed Guide


The American Curl Short Hair is the first of two varieties of the American Curl cat breed that was bred for their uniquely shaped ears. This short-haired cat is considered to be one of the youngest cat breeds today, only being exhibited in a cat show in 1986. This American bred cat is famous for its very unique ears that are curled back from the face and towards the center of the back portion of the cat’s head.

Official Name

American Curl Short Hair


The American Curl Short Hair originates in Lakewood, California and was initially bred during the early 1980s by Mr. and Mrs. Ruga. Further breeding development underwent with the guidance of Ms. Nancy Kiester and set of standards was established for both long hair and short hair variants with the help of and guidance of Mr. Jean Grimm. The two American Curl breeds basically share the same history as they are the product of the same progenitors.

Quick FAQs

Size: The American Curl Short Hair is a cat that is small to medium in size

Coat Type: American Curl SH cats have coats that are soft and laying flat. This breed’s coat is resilient without a plush dense texture. The Curl SH has a minimal undercoat and does not have the plumed and full tail of its longhaired cousins.

Body Type: American Curl Short Hair cats have bodies that are semi-foreign in built and rectangular in shape.

Grooming Requirement: American Curl Short Hair cats are not that demanding when it comes to grooming. They only require grooming twice a month

Vocal Tendency: Both Varieties of the American Curl cat breed are considered average when it comes to vocal tendency.

Energy Levels: The American Curl Short Hair is a very highly energetic cat breed

Time Alone: American Curl SH is a cat breed that requires 4 to 8 hours of personal time every day

Care: The American Curl Short Hair breed will require lots of attention and will be fairly docile

Recognized By

Cat Fanciers’ Association
The International Cat Association
American Cat Fanciers Association
Canadian Cat Association
American Association of Cat Enthusiasts
Clube Português de Felinicultura
Asociación Felina Española
Fédération Internationale Féline
The Traditional Cat Association, Inc.


The American Curl Short Hair is the first and may be considered to be the original American Curl version as it was first exhibited in 1986 and the first variety to be recognized by major feline registries. But this breed and its longhaired cousins were developed together and are from the same progenitors that were bred by Mr. and Ms. Ruga of Southern California in the early 1980s. The two American Curl varieties basically share the same history and breeding development. Please read the American Curl, Cat Breed Guide article to learn more about this breed’s history.


The American Curl Short Haired is prized for the unique shape of their ears which is curled in an arc. They are also prized for their very desirable traits. These short-coated Curls are extremely people-oriented and will show their very affectionate and devoted traits towards their owners. They are also not aloof will be cats that will enjoy cuddle time with their human. Some breeders say that both varieties of the American Curls tend to mature slowly. Most cat fanciers of this breed disregard that, they actually don’t mature at all. These curl-eared felines seem to stay young forever and gained the nickname “the Peter Pan of the cat” breed universe. The Shorthaired varieties of the American Curls are playful, lively and curious up until their last days. The American Curl SH cats will be great to have around older people as well as children of all ages. Their sociable traits also extend to other cats as well as dogs that will be friendly to them! They are generally quiet and will not be vocal unless they get hungry. In this situation, these cats will let their humans known that they need food.


The American Curl Short Hair is a cat that is prized for those unusual and very unique curled ears. This unique physical trait will not be visible during its first week, as it will gradually form. By the fourth month, the curl of the ears should have settled. They share a similar appearance to their Longhaired cousins, differing only with the texture and length of their coats. The American Short Hair does not have the plumed tail that the Longhair variety has.

American Curl SH cats are generally very well-balanced felines with bodies that are slender but with a fair amount muscle. The size of the cat is not important, what is important for American Curl enthusiasts is the overall balance and proper proportion of the cat’s physique.

American Curl Short Hair cats have a semi-foreign body that rectangular in built.

Head, Ears and Eyes
The American Curl SH cats have modified wedge heads without flat planes. The curled ears should have a minimum of 90 degreed arcs and a maximum of 180 degrees. It should also be wide at the base and have an open and curving back in a very smooth arc. These cats should have eyes that are somewhat fairly large in size with a walnut shape that can be described as oval-shaped at the top and round-shaped on the bottom. The colors of the eyes do not have to be related to the coat color, but it should be brilliant and clear. An exception for the blue-eyed varieties of this cat breed, as it is required in the color point class of the major international feline registries and organizations.

Coat and Tail
The American Curls have tails that are generally flexible, tapered and wide at the base. The Short Hair variety has a coat that is soft and silky that is lying flat on the cat’s body. It is short in length.

The American Curl Short Hair cat breed does not have a set standard or restriction when it comes to color as it allows all colors and patterns.


The American Curl Short Hair cat breed is considered to be very healthy. Infections and damage to the coat will occur due to improper handling. This will be prevented if a gentle hand is used when grooming the cat.



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