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Arabian Mau Cat – Cat Breeds Guide

Adopt an Arabian Mau, Cat Breed Guide


The Arabian Mau is the indigenous domesticated cat breed of the United Arab Emirates or UAE and has been in existence for several centuries across the Arabian Peninsula. These shorthaired cats are commonly called the “street cats” in various cities and towns in the Middle East. This particular cat breed has evolved and adapted perfectly to the extreme climate of the desert region.

Today, the Arabian Mau is only officially recognized as a pedigree by the World Cat Federation or WCF, the German-based international feline registry that is one of the members of the World Cat Congress. The WCF based the Arabian Mau on one particular landrace, making it one of the known natural domestic pedigrees.

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Official Name

Arabian Mau
The breed’s name depicts it area of origin, which is the Arabian Peninsula and the word Mau, which is English for cat.


The modern Arabian Mau was developed by the Middle East Cat Society and was first exhibited in a cat show during 2005. The modern Arabian Mau was bred and developed by Ms. Petra Mueller. Her efforts led to the recognition of this Arabian Desert cats by the World Cat Federation or WCF.

The original Arabian Mau is an ancient desert cat type that existed along the Arabian Peninsula.

Quick FAQs
Size: Arabian Maus are typically cats that are medium in size.
Coat Type: These cats have no undercoat and the hair will be close lying to the body. Arabian Mau’s coat is no too silky but firm to the touch.
Body Type: Arabian Maus are medium-sized and very muscular cats.
Grooming Requirement: Arabian Maus will be very easy to groom. These cats are known not to shed as much as the average cat breeds. Arabian Maus will only need to be brushed one a month in order to have their coats maintain its beautiful glossy appearance.
Vocal Tendency: Arabian Maus are vocal cats like most other Asian breeds.
Energy Levels: These cats are very active and highly energetic.
Time Alone: Arabian Maus will require 4 to 8 hours of alone time every day.
Care: These cats require average attention and will be a bit difficult to handle.

Recognized By:
World Cat Federation

The original Arabian Mau is the desert cat and has been a land race native to the area surrounding the Arabian Peninsula. These cats are said to have existed for more than a thousand years in the areas covering modern day Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Aptly nicknamed desert cats, the Arabian Mau breed is a cat that has perfectly adapted to the Middle East’s hot and arid climate.

The eventual domestication of these desert cats are linked to the first settlements around the Arabian Peninsula, where these cats ventured their ways to human cities and villages primarily because food and shelter are abundant. As the Middle East gradually progressed into a highly urbanized region, these desert cats turned into the Arabian “street cats” which eventually renamed as the Arabian Mau.

Amazingly, even when these Arab street cats became feral, they only mated between each other and never with other stray cats of other breed type.


Although coming directly from the lines of the wild desert cats that turned into domesticated cats that then turned into feral street cats, an Arabian Mau is typically a very loving cat by nature. These are devoted felines that will display their love and affectionate disposition towards their human owners.

The Arabian Mau cat will be a dependable and very reliable feline companion to the right owner. They are also known to get along very well with children, dogs and other cats. Another desirable trait of the Arabian Mau cats are their ability to groom and take care of themselves, as this breed is naturally clean.

Arabian Mau is a medium-sized cat that has a large and firm body with well developed muscles. They are cats with long legs and oval paws!

The Arabian Mau cat breed physically embodies the the characteristics and temperament of the domesticated cats from the Arabian Peninsula region.
Naturally bred and amazingly well adapted to harsh desert conditions, these medium-sized and very muscular cats of Arabia comes in three coat types, from pure white coated cats, to tabby as well as patched black-and-white combination.
Head, Ears and Eyes
Arabian Maus have heads that is round in appearance but slightly longer that it is broad. These cats have large ears that are slightly set to the sides. Arabian Maus have eyes that are oval in shape.
Coat and Tail
The tail on an Arabian Mau is medium-long and tapering towards the tip. These cats have no undercoat and the hair will be close lying to the body. Arabian Mau’s coat is no too silky but firm to the touch.
Comes in five coat colors that are divided in three main coat types:
* White – Arabian Maus with pure white colored coats that appears to be very clean. The pure white coat may appear silky but is actually not smooth to the touch.
* Tabby; Mackerel or Spotted;
* Brown – Arabian Maus with Brown Tabby coat pattern that has dark brown striped on the back. The tabby pattern covers the entire body.
* Greay and White – Arabian Maus with any amount of white. The tabby pattern covers the entire body.
* Patched Black and White;
* Black – Arabian Maus that are completely black coated with no rust traces. The black coat appears to be very clean and has a bright sheen.
* Black and White – Arabian Maus that is pure black with prominent white patches or pure white with black patches. The black coat appears to be very clean and has a bright sheen. Coat may appear silky but is actually not smooth to the touch.
The Arabian Mau cat breed has survived the harsh desert environment of the Arabian Peninsula and well evolved as these cats went through a natural selective breeding that created the best possible specimens. These are cats known to be very healthy as they are very strong; this is due to the cat breed’s good immune system.