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Australian Mist – Cat Breed Guide

Adopt an Australian Mist, Cat Breed Guide


The Australian Mist is a domesticated cat breed that is proudly “Australian made”. This particular cat is one of few exclusively developed and created in Australia by local Aussie breeders.

The Australian Mist is a well-balanced cat that is originally famous for having spotted coats. It has been fully recognized by various Australian and New Zealand feline registrations since the early 1980’s.

Just a couple of years shy of celebrating three decades of being recognized as Championship Breed in the Australian continent, this home-grown Aussie cats is quickly making its mark in the international cat fanciers community. In 2009, the Australian Mist was first recognized by a non-Australian based feline registry.

The breed achieved its first international exposure after being recognized by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy or GCCF, allowing it to be exhibited in GCCF sanctioned cat shows in the UK and Europe. After two years, these Aussie cats were promoted to Preliminary New Breed status and by 2012, the UK-based GCCF promoted the breed to Provisional Status. It is also rising in the rank in The International Cat Association or TICA, after the breed was promoted to the Advance New Breeds level.

Today the Australian Mist is recognized in and outside the Australian continent to have two distinct varieties of coat patterns:

* Spotted Mist – These are Australian Mist cats that have spotted markings on its misty ticked background.
* Marbled Mist – These are Australian Mist cats that have modified tabby patterns on its misty ticked background color.

Official Name

Australian Mist
This Aussie original was first named Spotted Mist for its attractive spotted markings on ticked misty-like background. This name eventually became just a pattern variant after marbled markings appeared within the progeny of the initial foundation stock.


The Australian Mist is one of few cat breeds that can be genuinely considered as a 100% home-grown Aussie cat breed. They were first created in Australia more than three decades ago by breed creator Dr. Truda Straede. Before arriving in the UK in 2007, the Australian Mist was rarely bred and known outside the Australian continent.

Quick FAQs
Size: Australian Mist cats are medium-large in length and also in size.
Coat Type: Australian Mist cats have short and glossy coats that are resilient in texture. This breed comes in two distinct coat patterns, Spotted and Marbled; both have three levels of definition.
Body Type: Australian Mist cats are well balanced domestic felines with bodies that are moderate in type.
Grooming Requirement: Australian Mist cats have coats that are short and close lying. This will be easy to maintain and will not require a lot of grooming time. This cat breed is known to shed moderately.
Vocal Tendency: When it comes to being vocal or talkative, the Australian Mist is in the median range when compared to the average cat breed.
Energy Levels: Australian Mist cats are also in the median range when it comes to energy levels.
Time Alone: These cats will require 4 to 8 hours of alone time every day.
Care: These cats will require average attention and will be easy to handle.

Recognized By:
Australian Cat Federation Inc.
Co-Ordinating Cat Council of Australia
Governing Council of the Cat Fancy
Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia
Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Victoria
New Zealand Cat Fancy
World Cat Federation
The International Cat Association

The Australian Mist was a genuine creation of Dr. Truda Straede, who created the breed and started its development in the year 1976 in Australia. The breed’s creator used the Burmese, Abyssinian and Domestic shorthairs as the breed’s foundation base. Later on, Dr. Straede added other local shorthaired cats that are native to the Australian continent.

The main goal of this breed’s breeding development program was to produce cats that are short-haired and with spotted coats. Dr. Straede originally named his creation as the Spotted Mist cat breed depicting the doctor’s original purpose of a spotted shorthaired cat. It eventually changed to its current name in 1998. During this time, marbled coated cats were accepted as part of the newly named Australian Mist.


The Australian Mist is known to have very low inclination to scratch people as they are very tolerant of human handling. These cats are known to also thrive on human interaction. Owners don’t have to take this cat outside and will be content staying in doors for long a period of time as long as they are given adequate attention by their human owners. These Aussie cats are also known for their lively demeanor and some of these cats will remain this way until they reach their senior years.

Australian Mists are also natural lap warmers, known to crawl to the nearest lap they could fine even if not invited to do so. These cats are also great to have around other cats and even dogs. Overall, the Australian Mist is one desirable cat to have as a companion pet or as a family cat!

The Australian Mist has a well-balanced appearance that displays gentle contours on its moderate-foreign type body. These cats also appear to have a somewhat generous facial expression for having well sculpted facial features.

Australian Mists are short-haired cats that are typically medium in size with large eyes on their round-shaped heads. It is famous for having two distinct coat patterns, Spotted and Marble, which appears on their very short coats. These cats have no down hair!
Australian Mists have medium-sized bodies that are also medium in length. The bodies on this cats are hard as they are muscular.
Head, Ears and Eyes
Australian Mists are cats with heads that are shaped like a broad and blunt wedge, displaying good width between the ears. The ears may be medium to large in size and will be broad at the base with rounded tips. These cats’ ears will be slightly tilted forward. The eyes on these cats are large and lustrous those are set wide apart and will be slanted towards the nose. Eye color may come in all shades of green.
Coat and Tail
Australian Mists are cats with long tails that tapers slightly from the broad base to the tip. These Aussie cats are covered in short and glossy coats that will be elastic.
There are two distinct coat patterns on this breed:
* Spotted Mists – Australian Mist cats with random spotted patterns on their coats that can appear in any size or shape.
* Marbled Mists – Australian Mists cats with modified tabby pattern on its misty ticked background color.
The two coat patterns have three levels of definition:
* Ground Color – this layer should be paler than the patter
* Pattern – delicate in appearance but very distinct from the ground color
* Mist – misted mantle caused by the random ticking in the areas where there are solid colors.
There are seven recognized Australian Mist colors:
Brown Australian Mist
Blue Australian Mist
Chocolate Australian Mist
Lilac Australian Mist
Caramel Australian Mist
Gold or Cinnamon Australian Mist
Peach or Fawn Australian Mist
The Australian Mist inherited the Burmese cat’s resiliency to medical problems as this cat breed has shown no issues or genetic disorder that may seriously affect their health.