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Brazilian Shorthair Cat – Cat Breed Guide

Adopt a Brazilian Shorthair Cat, Cat Breed Guide


The Brazilian Shorthair is a domesticated cat breed that is known for having great agility among the recognized cat breeds in the medium-size category. This Latin American bred Shorthair is distinguishable from the American Shorthair breed through their sleek and elegant physical trait. Although not as bulky as the American Shorthair, the Brazilian Shorthair is also not a thin as the Siamese cat.

Official Name

Brazilian Shorthair
These are the local Domestic Shorthair that is native of Brazil.


Brazilian Shorthair cats, as their name suggests originates from the Latin American country of Brazil. They can trace their roots to the ancient cats of the Iberian Peninsula and the progenies that were bred and developed in Portugal. They were initially developed in Brazil after Portuguese cats were brought to the South America sometime during the 15th century.

The modern Brazilian Shorthair was first developed during the 1980’s but breed developer Engineer Paulo Samuel Ruschi.

Quick FAQs
Size: Brazilian Shorthair cats are medium sized domesticated felines.
Coat Type: Brazilian Shorthair cats short-length coats with a glossy shine.
Body Type: Brazilian Shorthair cats have medium-sized bodies that are muscular, slender and elegant in appearance.
Grooming Requirement: Brazilian Shorthair cats will require very minimal grooming attention.
Vocal Tendency: Brazilian Shorthair cats are known to be average cats when it comes to talkativeness.
Energy Levels: Brazilian Shorthair cats are also known to be average cats when it comes to activity levels.
Time Alone: Brazilian Shorthair cats will require 4 to 8 hours of personal time every day.

Recognized By:
World Cat Federation – Full recognition and acceptance as a Championship Breed.

The Brazilian Shorthair is a breed that can trace its roots to the ancient cats that existed in the Iberian Peninsula for several thousands of years. These cats eventually made their way to the area of Portugal. During the conquest of the South American continent spearheaded by Spanish and Portuguese explorers, the ancestors of the modern Brazilian Shorthair was brought to Brazil by the Portuguese during the 15th century.

The modern day Brazilian Shorthair was first develop in the 1980’s by breed creator Mr. Paulo Samuel Ruschi, born in Brazil and later immigrated to the United States where he lived and worked as an engineer in New York City. The Brazilian-born and New York City engineer is also an avid cat breed. He was the first to study the genetics and morphological aspects of the commonly seen cats in Brazil major cities and parks. What made these cats interesting is their very similar appearance, which is unlike other domestic street cats in other cities of the world that comes in various sizes, coat colors and patterns. From these observations, Mr. Ruschi initiated a breeding development that eventually led to the modern Brazilian Shorthair breed’s recognition in 1998 from the World Cat Federation.


Brazilian Shorthairs are very adaptable domestic cats that will thrive on both indoor living and outdoor living. They are cats known to be very keen towards human contact. As kittens, these Brazilian Shorthairs will be very playful. As these cats mature, they will be calmer and considered to be more sober but will remain fairly active.

Brazilian Shorthair cats are medium-sized domestic cats that have muscularly built bodies yet still remain elegant in appearance. This breed is distinguishable from other cat breeds, via their sleek and elegant trait as well as their slightly curved profile features and large pointed ears and large rounded eyes.

Brazilian Shorthair cats are generally medium-sized cats with slender bodies that are muscular as they are elegant.
These shorthaired cats from Brazil are neither cobby nor svelte in body type, but slender and lean in body and built elegantly with a tapering tail and a head that is sized in the middle between that of the European Shorthair and the Oriental Shorthair.
Head, Ears and Eyes
Compared to the European Shorthair and the Oriental Shorthair, the Brazilian Shorthair’s head size is between these two shorthaired cat breeds. These cats can either have small to medium sized head that are moderate wedge in shape and will be longer than it is broad. These cats have large ears that will be higher than the width of the base. The ears are set high and will display tufts. These cats also have large eyes that are rounded in shape and set wide apart.
Coat and Tail
Brazilian Shorthair cats have medium to long length tails that are not broad at the base and slightly tapering towards the tip. The coat is short and glossy and close lying to the body with a silk-like texture. Brazilian Shorthair cats have no down hairs.
Brazilian Shorthair cats may come in all coulors and patterns.
Brazilian Shorthair cats are considered generally healthy.