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Contemporary Balinese – Cat Breed Guide

Adopt a Contemporary Balinese, Cat Breed Guide


The Contemporary Balinese cat is one of two types of the Balinese cat breed. This Balinese type of cat  is recognized as existing by most of the major feline associations around the world. This type of cat is very similar to the Cat Fancier’s Association or CFA recognized Balinese Cat – Javanese Division or the Javanese cat variety. The Contemporary Balinese cat is considered as non-pointed cats.

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Contemporary Balinese cat is type not a recognized breed. The CFA calls this type as Javanese and recognizes it a variety of the Balinese. This type of Balinese is also called as the Modern Balinese type.


The Contemporary Balinese type cat originates in the United States and was bred together with the Traditional Balinese type sometime during the 1950’s. This type of the Balinese breed is the result of a random and spontaneous genetic mutation that happened within the Siamese cat population in North America. Longhaired Siamese cats with plume tails started popping. Further breeding development to achieve consistency gave birth to the Balinese breed. During the Balinese cat breed’s development, two types appeared, both with longhair coats and plume tails, varying only with the length of coat. The Traditional Balinese cats are tagged as the original type with 2 inches long coat length. The Contemporary Balinese cats are tagged as the newer type with a relatively shorter coat but still considered medium in length.

Quick FAQs
Size: The Contemporary Balinese is one of two types of the Balinese breed that comes in Small to Medium sizes.
Coat Type: The Contemporary Balinese types of cats have shorter coat length than the Traditional Balinese, but share similar texture.
Body Type: Javanese cats have bodies that are categorizes as svelte or foreign.
Grooming Requirement: Contemporary Balinese types are low maintenance domestic cats. They only require grooming attention once every two weeks.
Vocal Tendency: Contemporary Balinese types are known to display a very vocal disposition for no apparent or special reason. These cats will be talkative if they feel like it.
Energy Levels: Contemporary Balinese types very high activity levels.
Time Alone: Contemporary Balinese types are not your typical domestic cats. It can live and thrive with very minimal personal time that ranges between zero to four hours of alone time. This breed is also known to get depressed if not given sufficient time to interact with humans or other family pets.
Care: Contemporary Balinese types are cats that will require lots of interaction and attention from their human and animal family members. These cats can be quite a handful when it comes to handling.

Recognized as a type of Balinese cat not as a distinct breed by:
All members of the World Cat’s Congress
All members of the World Cat Federation
All Northern American cat associations
Livre Officiel des Origines Félines


During the 1950’s when a serious breeding program was initiated in the United States to separate and produce a more consistent line of Longhaired Siamese cats that eventually re-named as the Balinese cat, two types emerged. The first was tagged as the Traditional Balinese which are Siamese cats that have longhair coats and a plume tail. Later on, a cat that shows a much refined and slender body and head built emerged. This type of Balinese has considerably shorter coats than the first type but still has the plumy tail characteristic. Breeders started the newer type as modern or Contemporary Balinese and starter selectively breeding it from the Traditional type.

Credits for the creation of the two Balinese types go to Ms. Helen Smith, who called the modern type as the Javanese variety. The Javanese is recognized as breed variety that is separate from the Balinese by the Cat Fancier’s Association. The rest of the major feline organizations consider it a type of the Balinese breed and calls it as the Modern or Contemporary Balinese.


Contemporary Balinese types of cats are sociable pets that demands interaction with its family, humans or other animal pets. These are highly intelligent cats that are famous for its fondness of playing, athletic bodies and acrobatic skills. They are cats that will enjoy hanging around their human owners, craving to share activities with their family. These cats are known to get very vocal. These cats will display their innate talkativeness for no apparent reason, none at all!

Contemporary Balinese types are different from the Traditional Balinese types of cats in several ways. These are more slender cats with a body and head built that is more refined. These types of Balinese cats have shorter hair over its body and long hair only on its plumy tail.

Contemporary Balinese types are cats with svelte bodies that are light but strong, powerful and well-toned with muscles. They are basically Balinese cats that have more slender, with shorter hair and longhaired only on their plumy tail.
Contemporary Balinese types have a more refined medium-sized body that is long, tubular in shape, but graceful in appearance. This cat’s svelte-type body is complimented with prominent bone structures of the shoulder and hip area. This cat has sleek bodies that extend gracefully to its long and slender neck area.
Head, Ears and Eyes
Contemporary Balinese types have a more refined medium-sized wedge shaped heads or non-pointed and proportionate to the cat’s body size. The muzzles are fine and either wedge or apple-like in shape with a medium sized chin and jaw section. Contemporary Balinese types have larger ears compared to the Traditional types. These cats have medium sized eyes that are almond shaped. Their eyes are slanted towards their nasal region and should be proportion with the lines of their wedge or apple shaped head and their ears. These cats have eyes that come in a deep and vivid shade of blue.
Coat and Tail
Contemporary Balinese types are famous for its graceful plumed tail that is long and tapering to a very fine point.
Contemporary Balinese types come in a variety of coat colors and patterns that are not included in the four traditional Siamese colors. They are colourpoint cats and shows “rare” color and patterns which may include tabby and tortie patterns, red or white colored coats.
Contemporary Balinese types are prone to genetic problems that can lead to deafness, various joint problems and very high risk on being cross-eyed.