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Cymric Stumpy Cat – Cat Breeds Guide

Adopt a Cymric Stumpy, Cat Breeds Guide


The Cymric Stumpy is one of four known varieties of the domesticated Cymric cat breed that is recognized by all major feline associations that accepts the Cymric as a Champion Class breed.

These Cymric cat varieties are distinguishable from each other through the appearance and length of their tails. The Cymric Stumpy cats that have tails that may vary from 3 to 5 centimeters in length, depending on the accepted standards of the various feline organizations.

Official Name

The official name of this breed is Cymric and only called as Cymric Stumpy or Stumpy Tail Cymric or Stumpy Tailed Cymric to distinguish the tail variety.


The Cymric Stumpy can trace its origins in the first documented Cymric cats that like the Manx breed, originates from the Isle of Man, Great Britain. But to be more historically precise, this variety of Cymric can trace its ancestry to the modern Cymric cats that were seriously and selectively breed and developed in Canada during the 1960’s by pioneer Cymric breeders Mr. Blair Wright and Ms. Leslie Falteisek.

They named the Cymric from the traditional name of Wales; the Welsh word “Cymru”. The Stumpy term was added to describe what tail variety the cat is as well as a general description of its “stumpy” tail.

Quick FAQs
Cymric Stumpy cats come in Medium to Large sizes.
Coat Type:
Cymric Stumpy cats have longhaired coats.
Body Type:
Cymric Stumpy are cats that have semi-cobby type bodies.
Grooming Requirement:
The Cymric Stumpy lines are cats that will require grooming attention two times every week.
Vocal Tendency:
Cymric Stumpy cats are considered to be average when it comes to being “talkative”.
Energy Levels:
The Cymric Stumpy cat lineage has an average activity level.
Time Alone:
Cymric Stumpy cats that will require more than 8 hours of “alone” time every day.
Cymric Stumpy cats are known to need an average amount of time of attention and will be very easy to handle.

Recognized by:
Word Cat Federation – Recognize the existence of the Cymric Stumpy variety as one of three variants of the Cymric cat breed grouped under the Semi-Longhair cat breed.
New Zealand Cat Fancy – Recognize the existence of the Cymric Stumpy variety as one of three variants of the Cymric cat breed.
Southern African Cat Council – Recognize the existence of the Cymric Stumpy variety as one of three variants of the Cymric cat breed and classifies it under the code ST.
Australian Cat Federation Inc. – Recognize only the Cymric Stumpy as a different cat from the Cymric and Longhaired Manx cats and classifies it under the code CYM 53.


The Cymric Stumpy cats, like the other tail varieties under this breed group shares the same history and can trace its ancestry to the modern Cymric breed, a domesticated feline breed that can trace its roots to the Manx Cat.

Cymric Stumpy cats may have appeared several years after the modern Cymric was developed which happened during the 1960’s in Canada. Pioneer breeding credits goes to Mr. Blair Wright and Ms. Leslie Falteisek. It was first known as the Longhaired Manx but the name was changed during the 1970’s to Cymric, establishing it as a separate breed from the Manx cat.

The only feline organizations that recognize the existence of the Cymric Stumpy cats as well as the other two Cymric tail varieties of the Cymric breed are the WCF, NCZF and the SACC. There is a huge difference among the three feline associations set of standards when it comes to the length of tail.

For the WCF and all its affiliated members, organizations and associations, the Cymric Stumpy a semi long hair cat that have tails that does not go under or exceed 3 to 4 centimeters in length.
For the SACC, the standard and allowable length of the Cymric Stumpy cat’s tail is set to a maximum length of 5 centimeters.
For the NZCF, there is no set standard on the Cymric Stumpy tail’s length.
For the ACF, the Cymric Stumpy shares the same overall standards of the Cymric 51/52 and Longhaired Manx but has a tail length that should not exceed 3 centimeters in length. Also, the ACF set that rump area as extremely broad and round in appearance.


The Cymric Stumpy is basically the “stumpy” tailed variety of the Cymric cat breed. Like all other tail variants, Cymric Stumpy cats will not be that demanding for their masters’ attention. These cats are also not known for their aggression. Stumpy tailed Cymrics will display gentleness but will also be playful. Playfulness is innate to the Cymric Stumpy, their lively disposition molded these cats to be exemplary jumpers and leapers. Among all the other cat breeds, the Cymric Stumpy all the rest of the Cymric breeds are known to have a great fondness to water! These are very intelligent cats, capable of learning and performing tricks. They are also naturally fun-loving and welcoming, getting along with other pets, from cats to dogs! Overall, these cats’ fun loving but not overly needy trait makes them ideal household companions!

The Cymric Stumpy cat is basically a Cymric cat with a stumpy tail that may vary from 3 to 5 centimeters in length. These are semi-longhaired cats with a compact and muscular body and stumpy tail with a romp area that is board and round.

Cymric Stumpy cats give an overall impression of roundness from head to paws, nose to the tailless romp.
Cymric Stumpy cats have bodies that are solid and compact in appearance. These cats have very short backs that end in an orange-esque roundness. These cats have deep flanks that are considered an essential feature.
Head, Ears and Eyes
The Cymric Stumpy cat has a large and rounded head that possess prominent cheeks. The cat’s nose is medium in length without a break or stop. The chin has a firm built and appearance. These cats have medium sized ears that are open at the base and will narrow to a rounded tip. The eyes of these cats are large and round, coming in all colors but should correspond with the coat color.
Coat and Tail
Cymric Stumpy cats are Cymrics cats with a stumpy looking tail. The tail varies in length and shape depending on the standard of the feline association. But generally it is 3 to 5 centimeters in length, may be straight or bent in appearance and have an extremely broad and round rump area. These cats have medium length double coat that is soft and silky in texture, glossy in appearance and dense and well padded in thickness.
Cymric Stumpy cats may come with any color except for those that indicates any hybridization which results in colors of lavender and chocolate, patterns that are considered Himalayan and these combinations together with a white color base.


The Cymric Stumpy cats are not as prone to lethal genetic disorders like the Cymric Rumpy and Rump Riser cat varieties. This stumpy tailed Cymric breed type does pose the same breeding difficulties as the Manx breed. Generally, Cymric embryos considered as homozygous, similar to the Manx, will die while still in the womb. The ratio for every Cymric kitten that is conceived is usually 1:4. Even kittens that start as non-homozygous embryos may be born with various genetic deformities including fusions of the spine, defects of the colon, bowel and/or bladder dysfunctions, vertebrae gaps and spina bifida among others. Spinal deformities will make Cymric cats develop a rabbit-like hop.



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