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European Bombay Cat – Cat Breed Guide

Adopt a European Bombay, Cat Breed Guide


The European Bombay is a shorthaired domesticated cat that is Oriental in appearance and comes only in a coat color that is jet-black.

The European Bombay is not a recognized distinct feline breed; rather it is a bloodline of the Bombay cat breed. This is one of three major known bloodlines of the Bombay cat. European Bombay cats are Bombay cats that were developed in France and bred across the European continent. This particular European line is a result of various crosses that were made between European Burmese cats and European Shorthairs. The European Bombay is one of the rarest cat breeds in the world.

Official Name

European Bombay is a bloodline or strain of the Burmese cats. All cats that originate in Europe and were bred from the stock of European Burmese and European Shorthairs are lines of the European Bombay.


All European Bombay cats originate from the single pair of American Bombay exported to France. European and American Bombay cats are very similar in temperament and also in appearance. Both lines inherited the medium-sized bodies and smooth coat textures from the American Shorthair or European Shorthair cats.

Quick FAQs
European Bombay cats are medium-sized domesticated felines.
Coat Type:
European Bombay cats have short hair coat length and black in color.
Body Type:
European Bombay cats have moderate-type of bodies.
Grooming Requirement:
European Bombay cats require very little grooming attention.
Vocal Tendency:
European Bombays are cats known to be vocal.
Energy Levels:
European Bombay cats have high activity level.
Time Alone:
European Bombays are cats that will require four to eight hours of personal time every day.
European Bombay cats need a lot of attention from their humans and will be moderately docile in handling.

Recognized The Bombay Cat and the three lines:
American Cat Fanciers Association – First to accept and recognize the breed in 1970, accepted as a Championship Class in 1976.
Cat Fancier’s Association – Recognize the breed and accepted as a Championship Class.
Co-Ordinating Cat Council of Australia – Recognize the breed and accepted as a Championship Class.
New Zealand Cat Fancy – Recognize the breed and accepted as a Championship Class.
The International Cat Association – Recognize the breed and accepted as a Championship Class.
World Cat Federation – Recognize the breed and accepted as a Championship Class.


European Bombay cats are the typically Bombay cats that are bred in Europe and were developed from European Burmese cats crossed with European Shorthairs. Like the original Bombay hybrid, this European line was created to achieve a consistent black coated cat that has an appearance of a miniature Indian Black Panther. The Bombay cat was named in honor of this wild cat from India, and the Bombay name was chosen as this was the most popular city in the Indian subcontinent.

The European Bombay can trace its roots to the modern Bombay cat breed which was first and originally created and developed in the State of Kentucky, United States. The first breeder and recognized as breed creator is Ms. Nikki Horner. She wanted to produce a consistent line of cats that will have the physical appearance of a black panther but in a miniature scale. To achieve this goal, Ms. Horner crossed black coated American Shorthair cats with sable American Burmese cats. Today, all Bombay cats that use the stock of American Shorthairs and American Burmese are considered under the American Bombay line.

In the later part of 1980’s, the Bombay cat breed reached the European continent. A pair of American Bombay was imported to France and the litters from this pair were crossed with European Burmese and European Shorthairs. All the Bombay cats bred in Europe since 1989 can trace its roots to the first pair that American Bombays. This Bombay line is now called the European Bombay cat variety, sharing very similar traits and temperament to its American progenitors.


A European Bombay cat is a very athletic feline gifted with agility and strength and bundled with a very high energy. This physical prowess is a throwback to the hunting traits of the wild Indian Black Panther. Although very active, European Bombay cats are not high-strung household pets; they are even considered as calmer compared to the other cat pedigrees. These cats are also known to be even-tempered and have a very gentle disposition. They will show gentleness, but these cats are also very playful cats that will always show their fun-loving nature and outgoing demeanor.

European lines of the Bombay breed are also very tolerant, tolerating children of all ages as well as other pets including dogs and cats that are raised within the family. Like other Bombay lines, European Bombays have high levels of intelligence and will display their affection their human family. These Bombay cats are relatively less vocal compared to the American and British Bombay cat lines.

European Bombay cats are medium sized domesticated felines that may weigh from six to ten pounds, very muscular in built and comes only in short and sleek black coats.

European Bombay cats have smoother black coats that are sleek and are laid parallel to the skin compared to the British Bombay lines or the Australian Bombay cat breed.
European Bombay cats have medium sized bodies that are muscular and not compact or rangy in appearance.
Head, Ears and Eyes
Bombay cats of European lineage have heads that are pleasingly rounded in shape that has no sharp angularity. These cats have full faces with major breadth between the eyes, gently blending in their broad and very developed muzzles that are moderately round in shape, maintaining and complimenting the round contours of the head. The ears are medium in size, broad at the base with tips that are slightly rounded and set well apart but showing a tilt that is slightly forward in direction. These cats have a profile that are not “pugged” in appearance or display a look that is considered “snubbed”, with a moderate and visible stop. This moderate stop is not a “break”, rather a slight indentation at the nose’s bridge area. Bombay cats of these types have eye colors that range from gold to copper, set far apart and with a rounded aperture.
Coat and Tail
European Bombay cats have tails that are straight and medium in length. These cats have short and fine coats that are satin-like in texture and lying closely to the skin.
European Bombays are cats that have coats that are glossy jet black in color and shall be sound and consistent to the roots.


European Bombay cats are relatively healthier compared to the American Bombay lineage. But this type of Bombay cat will also be prone, to a lesser degree, to the same genetic disorders and health problems. These medical issues range from deformities of the skull, eye problems with excessive eye tearing being prevalent, respiratory problems mainly due to a nose that is foreshortened in structure and various dental problems with gingivitis being the most common.