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The Sphynx Cat is world renown for being one just a handful of domesticated cats that is absolutely bald or hairless. These are generally medium cats that are completely bald, but some cats of this breed may display slight down hairs. The modern Sphynx cat breed is officially called the Canadian Sphynx. The Sphynx is also called the Canadian Hairless Cat.

The Canadian Sphynx Cat is not the same type of cat as the Russian Sphynx breeds known as the Peterbald and the Don Sphynx.


Official Name

Other Names: Canadian Sphynx, Canadian Hairless Cat


These hairless cats of Canada were first bred in 1966 in Roncesvalles, Toronto, Canada.

All modern-day Canadian Sphynx, including the American and European lines can trace their origins in North America where this hairless cat breed was seriously developed in the 1970s. There are actually two lines of Canadian Sphynx that were used as the foundation base for this bald cat breed’s development program.

  • American lines of the Sphynx were bred by the Pearsons Family in Wadena in the State of Minnesota, USA.
  • Canadian Sphynx, a name which is also used to call the European lines, was bred by Ms. Shirley Smith in Toronto, Canada.

Quick FAQs

Size: Canadian Sphynx is a medium-sized domestic cat.

Coat Type: Canadian Sphynx cats have coats that are short in length.

Body Type: Canadian Sphynx cats have bodies that are moderate in type.

Grooming Requirement: Canadian Sphynx is one of the domestic feline breeds that will require regular grooming. These cats should be groomed two times every week, even if they are hairless. This is because their bald skin is unprotected and prone to infections if not well maintained.

Vocal Tendency: Canadian Sphynx cats are known to be vocal cats.

Energy Levels: Canadian Sphynx cats are active felines that have high levels of activity.

Time Alone: Canadian Sphynx cats will require a maximum of 4 hours of alone time every day.

Care: Canadian Sphynx cats need a lot of attention and will be easy to handle.

Recognized By

The International Cat Association
Fédération Internationale Féline
Cat Fanciers’ Association
Canadian Cat Association
American Cat Fanciers Association
American Association of Cat Enthusiasts
Cat Aficionado Association
Australian Cat Federation Inc.
Governing Council of the Cat Fancy
New Zealand Cat Fancy
Southern African Cat Council
World Cat Federation


Hairless cat breeds have been documented to have existed or bred throughout history, but the modern Sphynx cat can trace its history in the 1960s where North American cat breeders and fanciers have been experimenting on breeding a completely hairless cat.

By the 1970s, due to the efforts of the Canadian and American cat breeders, as well as vital discoveries of hairless cats in two different places in North America, the future of the hairless Sphynx cat guaranteed. The hairless cats that were bred in Minnesota, USA and the bald felines that discovered in Toronto Canada became the vital foundation stock and developed as separate lines of the modern Canadian Hairless or simply called as the Sphynx.


Hairless but never shy, that is what the bald Sphynx is famous for. These bald cats are known to be part of the monkey, somewhat dog-like and very child-like. This is because these “naked” cats love to monkey around, are intelligent and loyal like dogs and like young children, these domestic felines are curious and inquisitive like kids! They are also known to have large appetites! Does that make them hog-like or somewhat of a pig?

Overall, these hairless Sphynx are loyal feline companions that will thrive if given adequate attention by their human owners. They will reciprocate this by displaying devotion and affection that no other cat breeds can. This cat breed is one of few known domestic cats that can wag their tails to show their affectionate mood.


The Sphynx is commonly known as a hairless cat breed. They are not really hairless. The Canadian Sphynx only appears to be bald, as their skins are covered with very fine down hairs that are suede-like in texture. Hairless they are not, but furless the Sphynx are!

Sphynx cats are a sight to behold. Naked in appearance and armed with those large ears that look like satellite dishes, the Canadian Sphynx can truly catch anyone’s attention. They are distinguished from other hairless cat breeds from their unique wrinkles on its furless skin that looks like an animated raisin.

Sphynx cats have bodies that are medium long, hard and muscularly built. They may look naked and unprotected but these cats are not delicate. The body has a fully rounded abdomen, but not bulging to make the cat appear overweight. These cats have broadly rounded chests.

Head, Ears and Eyes
Sphynx cats have modified wedge-shaped heads with rounded contours and will be slightly longer than it is wide. These hairless cats have large ears that are broad at the base and open with a slightly rounded tip. These bald cats have lemon-shaped eyes that are large in size.

Coat and Tail
Sphynx cats have slender tails that will be broad at the base and tapering to the tip. The length of the tail should be in proportion to the body. These cats appear to be hairless, but they are actually fur-less. The Sphynx has very short and very fine down hairs that are chamois-like in texture. These cats will display wrinkled skin especially in the areas of the muzzle, ears and shoulders.

Sphynx cats come in all colors and patterns.


The Sphynx cat breed is considered to be healthier than the average cat breeds. Some lines of the Sphynx have been known to acquire HCM or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. This is a severe condition that affects the heart and can lead to fatalities. The Sphynx inherited this hereditary heart disease from the Devon Rex and also from the American Shorthair.



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