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Traditional Balinese Cat – Cat Breed Guide

Adopt a Traditional Balinese cat, Cat Breed Guide


The traditional Balinese cat is basically very similar to the Siamese Cat, from which that Balinese breed was bred out. This cat breed is the result of a genetic mutation of the short-haired Siamese, sharing a very similar physical appearance. The difference is that the Traditional Balinese cat has long hair or medium length coats and a graceful tail that is plumed.

Official Name

The Traditional Balinese cat is considered only as a type of this particular breed. It is simply known as Balinese by the major feline organizations that recognize this breed.


The Traditional Balinese cat originates in the United States and was recognized as a type or strand of Balinese cats during the breed’s official breeding development program that started during the 1950s. The breed’s developers are Californian cat breed Mr. Marion Dorsey and New Yorker cat breeder Ms. Helen Smith.

Before the Balinese breed’s serious breeding program, this particular cat breed has been recognized as the Longhaired Siamese cat. Years of selective and serious breeding resulted in the Balinese being recognized as a separate breed from the Siamese. The program also produced two types or stands of this breed, the Traditional and the Contemporary. The Traditional Balinese cat breed are cats which are very similar to the original Siamese cats, but with a longer coat that is medium in length and a tail that is graceful in appearance and plumed.

The traditional Balinese cat breed is often mistaken as a domesticated feline that is native to Bali, Indonesia. The name does not depict this cat breed’s place of origin. It pertains to the similarity of the breed to the graceful and beautiful traditional Bali dancers from Siam or known today as Thailand.

Quick FAQs

Size: The Traditional Balinese cat is available in Small to Medium size but is heavier and more robust compared to the Contemporary Balinese cat.

Coat Type: The Traditional Balinese cat has a coat that ranges from medium to long in length and typically 2 inches or more over the cat’s entire body.

Body Type: Traditional Balinese cats have svelte or foreign body type.

Grooming Requirement: The Traditional Balinese cat requires very minimal grooming requirements. These cats shed very little hair.

Vocal Tendency: Traditional Balinese cats are very talkative but will be vocal at a lower volume compared to the Siamese cat breed.

Energy Levels: Traditional Balinese cat has a very high activity level.

Time Alone: A traditional Balinese cat will require zero to four hours of alone time a day.

Care: Traditional Balinese cats require lots of attention and will be quite a handful when it comes to handling.

Recognized By

The International Cat Association
The Southern African Cat Council
The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy
The New Zealand Cat Fancy
Coordinating Cat Council of Australia
Australian Cat Federation Inc.
Fédération Internationale Féline
Livre Officiel des Origines Félines
World Cat Federation


The Traditional Balinese cat is a type of the Balinese cat breed that was first known as the Long-haired Siamese cat. This breed was bred from the Siamese and known to have existed as early as the 1920s. During the 1950s, a serious breeding development program was initiated to have the breed separated from the original Siamese and this was led by Ms. Helen Smith and Mr. Marion Dorsey, both from the United States. Further breeding went on for years and the Balinese gained popularity as well as developed two distinctive types or strands. The Traditional Balinese is one of it and this particular Balinese cat type is very similar to the Siamese cat except for the longer coat length and plume tail. This type also follows the four traditional coat colors and patterns of the Siamese cat breed which are lilac, blue, chocolate and seal.

The Traditional Balinese cat was specifically bred to have heavier and heartier bodies with a rounder shaped of the head and ears that are smaller.


The Traditional Balinese cat is considered to be the most intelligent cats of all the breeds classified under the longhair coat group. This makes the Balinese capable of easily adapting to any type of condition. They are very playful cats and will typically display their fun-loving nature towards children. These cats are also known to be easy-going and capable of tolerating other types of animals. Although friendly by nature, the Traditional Balinese cat will not tolerate any mistreatment, may it come from children or other animals. Overall they are even-tempered cats that will be friendly to anyone and will show affection towards the family.


A traditional Balinese cat has the original longhair coat that typically measures two inches long over the cat’s entire body. These cats are also considered as pointed Balinese, pertaining to the cats’ apple-headed appearance.

Traditional Balinese cats have svelte body types that are light yet strong and very muscular. These cats have long tapering lines on their foreign-type bodies. These types of Balinese are heavier and more robust inbuilt with more rounded shape of head and smaller set of ears.

Traditional Balinese cats are medium-sized cats that will be heavier compared to the other strand of this breed. The body will be long but graceful and the shoulders and hips complement the sleekness of the tube-shaped body. It is graceful in appearance

Head, Ears and Eyes
Traditional Balinese types have apple-shaped heads or more rounded heads than the modern type of this breed. The head is long, tapering and medium in size. These cats’ heads should be proportionate to the size of their body. The muzzles are fine and apple-like in shape with a medium-sized chin and jaw section. The Traditional Balinese cat breed has a smaller set of ears compared to the large and pointed ears of the modern type. These cats have medium-sized eyes that are almond-shaped. Their eyes are slanted towards their nasal region and should be proportion with the lines of their wedge or apple-shaped head and their ears. These cats have eyes that come in a deep and vivid shade of blue.

Coat and Tail
The Traditional Balinese cat has a graceful and plumed tail. This Balinese type has a medium-length coat that averages 2 inches in length. The texture is fine and silky. The hair on its tail region is spread out elegantly like a plume.

Traditional Balinese types come in the four traditional Siamese colors that are lilac, blue, chocolate and seal.


The Traditional Balinese cat breed is considered to be one of the longest-lived domesticated feline breeds in the world as they have an average lifespan of 13 to 15 years. It is considered to be a very healthy cat breed. The Traditional Balinese cat is healthier compared to the modern variety as this type has a more robust body that is resilient to common health issues. These cats are known to have eyesight problems, specifically having crossed-eyes. Although not common, it does occasionally occur.



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