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Ukrainian Levkoy – Cat Breeds Guide

Breed summary

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Vocal Tendency: Ukrainian Levkoy cats are average when it comes to talkativeness.
Energy Level: -
Time Alone: Ukrainian Levkoy cats require 4 to 8 hours of alone time.
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Adopt A Ukrainian Levkoy – Cat Breeds Guide


A hairless cat breed from the Ukraine! The Ukrainian Levkoy is the youngest and newest cat breeds today. It was bred out from the hairless Don Sphynx or Donskoy cats. The popularity of the Russian hairless cat breed eventually spawned the Levkoy, which is considered to be a hybrid as it was produced from crossing Don Sphynx cats with Scottish Fold cats.

Official Name

Ukrainian Levkoy


The Ukrainian Levkoy originated from Ukraine in the year 2000. The pioneer breeding credits of the Ukrainian Levkoy cat breed goes to Ms. Elena Biriukova, who initiated an experimental breeding or hybridization program by crossing the hairless Don Spynxh with the Scottish Fold. Ms. Biriukova also added lineages of the Oriental and Domestic cats into the mix.


The Ukrainian Levkoy was first developed in 2000 when Elena Biriukova in Ukraine crossed. Created by Donskoy females with Scottish Fold males. This results in a distinctive appearance combining folded ears and hairlessness. Oriental and Domestic cats were also used in breed development.

The Ukrainian Levkoy was recognized in 2005 in Ukraine by ICFA RUI (Rolandus Union International), gaining championship status in 2010. It was recognized in Russia in 2010 by ICFA WCA, gaining championship status in 201.

The Ukrainian Levkoy has a slender, medium-to-long, muscular body and long legs. The head is almost dog-like in shape. The ears are large and set high and wide apart. An ideal show specimen, 1/2 to 1/3 of each ear is roundly folded forward and down, without touching the head. Straight-eared Ukrainian Levkoy cats occur and are important in the breeding program. Ukrainian Levkoys are sociable, friendly, playful, and intelligent.

Because the gene for folded ears is associated with skeletal problems, two fold-eared individuals must not be bred together. When breeding Ukrainian Levkoy with another Levkoy, one of the parents must be straight-eared. As a young breed, it is also out-crossed the Donskoy, Scottish Fold, Peterbald and to household pets that have the correct conformation.


Ukrainian Levkoy cats are very friendly and active. The Ukrainian Levkoy expresses sexual dimorphism.


The Ukrainian Levkoy is a cat of the very original appearance, hairless and with folded ears. These cats are of medium size, the body is rather long, muscular and slender of a rectangular format. The bare skin of Ukrainian Levkoy is soft and hot, it is excessive, elastic and wrinkled. Levkoy cat’s peculiar features are the special angular contour of its head and “stepped” profile (dogface appearance) folded ears and by large, but not well wide opened, almond-shaped eyes.

The Levkoy’s peculiar features are the special angular contour of its head and “stepped” profile (dog-face appearance), folded ears and large, but not wide almond-shaped eyes. The cats express sexual dimorphism.

The Ukrainian Levkoy is a recent man-made breed of cats of very original unique appearance, hairless, with folded ears and with large, but not well wide open, almond-shaped eyes. A Ukrainian Levkoy cat resembles a humanoid from another fantastic planet in Cosmos or a fantastic small and fanny lop-eared doggy-monkey.

Ukrainian Levkoy cats have medium to long, muscular, slender, not massive or coarse. Backline slightly arched.

Head, Ears and Eyes
A Ukrainian Levkoy cat’s head has a long modified wedge-shaped. From the top view angle head of Ukrainian Levkoy resembles a softly outlined pentagon that is a little longer than it is broad, where the muzzle length is only 1/3 part of the head. The forehead is rather low and the skull is long and flat. Prominent cheekbones and eyebrows form the angular outlines of the head. The profile of the cat head is “stepped” – of two levels. The upper lines of the nose bridge and of the head are almost parallel.

Ukrainian Levkoy has ears that are rather large, set high and wide apart. 1/2 or 1/3 part of each ear is roundly folded forward and down, without touching the head.

Eyes are large, not wide open, almond-shaped, set slanted and giving the cat an unusually magic look. Any colors allowed, but it should be pure and deep.

Coat and Tail
Ukrainian Levkoy cats have rather long tails that are flexible, tapering to the tip, in proportional to the body of a cat. Skin is thick “excessive” elastic and wrinkled on the head, above and under the eyes, on the neck, belly, legs and the groin. Preferable are the hairless cats.

Ukrainian Levkoy cats come in all colors are accepted. Tabby cats, are not differentiated by pattern.



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