Kallie Catmudgeon (Calico)

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Animal Rescue Force of South Florida, Inc.

5115 South Dixie Highway West Palm Beach, 33405

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About Kallie Catmudgeon

Distance: 1,334 Miles
Kallie was a happy kitten who loved to play.  She also enjoyed tormenting her owner's small old dog when she could.  That's when her true catmudgeon-nature was first displayed. Kallie is a curmudgeon-like creature, so she morphed into Kallie Catmudgeon.  After ten years with her owner, Kallie was given back to A.R.F. due to her owner's health.  It has been difficult for Kallie to adjust to a new place at the adoption center where cats are all around.  She really does not like other cats because she's afraid of them.  She's a quiet cat who used to love to sit with her head on her owner's arm in a recliner. Kallie is a very pretty girl and quite healthy as her bloodwork report was good.  Kallie's a scaredy cat and is too afraid to let the volunteets love on her, but we know she'd really like to be loved as all of us do.  She's waiting for that special gentle person to take her and give her time to trust them.  Are you the type of awesome person who can share a home with a scared catmudgeon?  Please visit Kallie Catmudgeon at our adoption center if you would like to be her hero/heroine.  We are currently just taking appointments during the pandemic.  Please call (561) 784-4792 for more information about this gorgeous, yet scared girl.  Kallie was in a home with a foster, and behaved really well there, so we know she'll come around in time.  You can also apply for Kallie on our website. Thanks for choosing rescue!  Kallie really does deserve to be in a home once again.

More about Kallie Catmudgeon

Age: Senior
Gender: Female
Location: West Palm Beach, FL
Altered: Yes
OK w/ Cats: No
OK w/ Dogs: No
OK w/ Kids: No

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