Bailey (Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie (long coat))

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About Bailey

Distance: 77 Miles
AGE: 4 years old ENERGY LEVEL: Medium MEDICAL HISTORY: Healthy, up to date on vaccines IDEAL HOME: Experienced dog owners.  Secure fenced yard ideal.  NO APARTMENTS OR CONDOS PLEASE!  Bailey needs to transition to a low-stress environment.  Condos and apartments have a lot of foot traffic and Bailey enjoys the stress-free lifestyle of a quiet neighborhood. No kids or young adults under 21 living in the home. ​ We don't mean to boast but this little fella has made tremendous progress over the last 7 months. We're happy to say that he went from being a behavioral wreck to bring a well-balanced and happy little guy.  Bailey has been with us for about 12 months now and we feel he is ready to transition to his forever home. We want to make sure that he transitions smoothly so we are providing detailed information about his needs to help him find the right home. Bailey’s personality: 1.      Bailey LOVES to cuddle on his peoples’ laps or sit perched on top of the sofa.  2.      Bailey enjoys walks.  His foster parent has been working on leash training and he’s doing great. 3.      Bailey is housetrained. 4.      Bailey LOVES food! 5.      Bailey HATES being groomed. He doesn’t snap at you while being groomed, but he just WON’T SIT STILL.  This makes it extremely hard to groom him. CHR will include a special clause in Bailey’s adoption agreement to help his future adopter with this issue.  We will provide a grooming option that is low-cost and low-stress. 6.      Bailey loves to play with toys.  He flings his toys in the air and dances around them with happiness.  7.      Bailey co-exists with other dogs fine but you can tell he tries to avoid them. We are asking that he goes to a home without other dogs.   8.      Bailey tries to guard items he finds on the floor.  If you want to get the item away from him, simply “trade” a treat for the item he is guarding. His guarding behavior has decreased tremendously over the last few months.      Bailey’s ideal home: 1.       No other animals should live in the home.  We want this little boy to be the number one baby in the home.  2.       Bailey wiggles and won’t sit still when groomed,  His new owner will have to drive him to our groomer in Falls Church or Springfield, VA. until you find a groomer who grooms dogs who wiggle a lot through their grooming. 3     Bailey is used to a fenced back yard so his new home should have a securely fenced backyard.  That’s it!  Apply today to meet this cutie!  

More about Bailey

Age: Young
Size: Small
Gender: Male
Location: Springfield, VA
OK w/ Dogs: Yes

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