Delphine (Abyssinian / Tabby / Mixed (short coat))

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Distance: 3,741 Miles
DOB: 4/22/16 Delphine is a remarkable cat, especially sweet, shy, curious, and very smart.  She is a sweetheart of an Abyssinian Tabby mix. All of Delphine’s kittens have been adopted and now it’s her turn. Once her kittens were weaned, she went to a foster setting where she met another cat, Florence, and they became best friends. A year has passed, they are now in a different foster home, and they groom each other, sleep together, sleep with you, play together, and chase each other to the top shelf of the cat condo or the cat beds. It is clear the best scenario for Delphine is to be adopted with Florence. They are a bonded pair. It’s Delphine’s turn and Florence’s turn to find the wonderful forever home they so richly deserve - together.  Anyone lucky enough to make Delphine and Florence part of their family will be blessed with loving and devoted companions. Having two cats means they can be company for one another, and adopting a bonded pair means you don’t have to struggle with a lengthy or stressful introduction period or uncertain outcome. To Delphine, there is nothing better than following her foster mom from room to room. She is also quick to play with and chase little mice or balls that she bats around. She loves sitting near the window and watching the birds. Delphine enjoys stretching out and being petted the length of her body over and over again. When you stroke her jaw and neck she purrs, and she will sit on your lap. (She even lets me trim her claws when she’s that relaxed.) Sleeping near her family on the cat condo or spooning in a cat bed with Florence are her favorites, especially when she can peek out to see you. She is very well behaved and 95% of the time she scratches the cat condos or scratching post and not something else. Her curiosity does occasionally compel her to explore, and she might go somewhere you wouldn’t like. For example, in my home she sometimes puts herself in front of the TV and blocks my view. Delphine’s “tweed” gray fur (Abyssinian genes) and striped tail (Tabby genes) make her absolutely beautiful. Her chin and neck are white.  And then, there are her eyes -- her huge, expressive eyes, with the prettiest shade of yellow.) They are gorgeous and shine with all the great warmth and love Delphine has to give. If you are interested in learning more about this kitty or in adopting her, please click here to email her foster parent.

More about Delphine

Age: Adult
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Location: Los Angeles, CA
OK w/ Cats: Yes
OK w/ Dogs: No
OK w/ Kids: No

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