TJ-barn cat (Domestic Short Hair / Bengal (short coat))

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Fancy Cats Rescue Team

PO Box 182 Herndon, 20172

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About TJ-barn cat

Distance: 103 Miles
TJ is a male tabby with kitten-like meow that belies his beastly size. He loves scratches behind the ears and finds chin rubs to be glorious, and has a “thing” for the ice cubes projectiles that errantly launch from the ice dispenser on the fridge.  TJ likes to meet & greet his person at the door upon their return home, and will weave his way around your ankles or sit directly atop your laptop keyboard when you’re failing to pay him sufficient attention.   TJ prefers to enjoy his Netflix shows while sprawled out on the back of the sofa rather than your lap (#trustissues), and he is unlikely to tolerate the humiliation of being dressed up in funny Halloween pet costumes to impress your Facebook friends, so don’t even try.  But!!  he’ll dutifully keep watch over his domain each night from the foot of your bed, and was voted “Most Likely to Maul a Cat Burglar” by his peers.   Raised by wolves dogs as a kitten, TJ finds other felines to be territorially challenging, and needs to be the single cat in a new digs.  And…he’s just not that into kids (which—as a parent of three children myself—I can appreciate!).  He’d make a great companion for an experienced cat owner who is looking for a low-maintenance kitty friend to fill the void.

More about TJ-barn cat

Age: Adult
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Location: Herndon, VA
OK w/ Cats: No
OK w/ Dogs: Yes
OK w/ Kids: No

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