Erin (Calico (short coat))

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Pet Rescue of Maryland

PO Box 178 Monkton, 21111

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Distance: 143 Miles
**Please Note: We are only able to adopt within 30-40 miles of the Baltimore, MD area.**Erin is very much a lap cat. As soon as you sit down, she wants to lay on top of you. She is very affectionate, but can sometimes get overstimulated by too much petting. It's best to let her rub her face against your hand as opposed to stroking her and petting her repeatedly. As a senior cat, she is very content to nap during the day. She still enjoys short bouts of play with a feather toy.**For information about our adoption policies and procedures, please go to

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Age: Senior
Gender: Female
Location: Monkton, MD
Altered: Yes
OK w/ Kids: No

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