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Distance: 1,329 Miles
**WE ONLY DO HOME VISITS FOR ADOPTIONS NEAR BROWARD & PALM BEACH COUNTIES**PLEASE READ HIS FULL BIO BEFORE APPLYING TO ADOPT! Happy boy Harrison is eager to win your heart! Harrison was turned over to the police and was on his way to a kill facility if we didn't step up to save him. He has lower lumbar paralysis, meaning he can't use his rear legs. He is also bladder and bowel incontinent, so his bladder needs to be manually expressed 4 plus times a day. His bowel movement release on its own and you can manually speed the process most of the time. Harrison has no idea he is injured, he happily plays fetch and lives each day to the fullest. He is a wonderful companion for someone willing to keep up with his needs and in-home physical therapy. We are looking for that special person to see past his limitations and fall in love with his very deserving spirit. His previous people did get him the spinal surgery but didn't seem to do rehab. He’s been receiving Acupuncture, laser therapy, physical therapy and aqua therapy with a group of specialists who have trained us how to continue his therapy at home. He has also had I-Therm therapy which has helped and we are looking to get a machine for our rescue to continue his rehab and help our other special needs dogs. He shows signs of feeling from his paws and he has positive reactions to therapy. He sometimes uses his legs by showing strength. We are hopeful he will walk with continued home therapy. This absolutely adorable little guy is only two years old and 8 pounds. He has wheels that he can do his zoomies around the house and he travels well in the car, always ready to meet people. We are looking for a home for him who can keep up with his monthly grooming and heartworm prevention as well as daily health care and maintenance. His adoption fee is $200 to go towards his vetting (vaccines, spay/neuter, heartworm/Ehrlichia/Lyme test, fecal test, pre-op blood work, dental cleaning, microchip, and all his therapy/rehab). If you feel you can fulfill Harrison's needs he will drown you with kisses and his fantastic personality!  Check his VIDEO PLAYLIST here. Please Like & Follow his FaceBook Page. If you are interested please fill out the adoption application For additional information regarding our adoption process, please check our FAQ's Page. WWW.GETALIFEPETRESCUE.COM*All dogs in the care of Get a Life Pet Rescue live in loving foster homes while waiting for their perfect match. They don't live in cages or crates (unless there is a medical reason to do so.) They are treated as family pets while in our care. *All dogs in our care are fed premium brand holistic food as well as supplements and vitamins specific to each dog's needs. We don't buy inexpensive bulk dry kibble, our rescues are fed premium wet food diets as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program to ensure maximum health. * All of our rescues receive complete quality vetting including full dental cleaning with pre-op bloodwork, spay/neuter, vaccines, and grooming. Dogs in need of specialized medicine will be seen by specialists, such as full cardiac workups, ophthalmologist visits, all suspicious lumps, and bumps are biopsied, and every medical need is transparent to potential adopters. *Once you adopt from Get a Life Pet Rescue, you become part of our compassionate family and we are here for you if a problem with your precious dog arises. 

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Age: Young
Size: Small
Gender: Male
Location: West Palm Beach, FL
OK w/ Cats: Yes
OK w/ Dogs: Yes

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